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Disaster Recovery Done Right: Trust Atlas for Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Krum, TX.

When you own a business, property damage is an unfortunate occurrence that happens all too often. Property damage can be caused by any number of disasters, both natural and man-made. Most often, however, property damage happens from an excess of water. From very heavy rainstorms to broken pipes, water damage can be incredibly harmful not just for your storefront but for your customers.

When water spreads through your commercial property, it happens quickly, causing damage as it moves. At the same time, furnishings and porous materials soak up moisture. In just a short amount of time, you could be dealing with warping, rotting, and even mold growth. That's why water damage remediation is so important - to address your current damage and prevent water from making your business unsafe.

At Atlas National Renovations, we know that dealing with water damage seems like a losing effort on your own. But when you trust our water damage restoration team, you don't have to lose hope. We provide comprehensive water remediation services for businesses of all size in Texas. From the first time we lay eyes on your water damage to the time we mitigate your problem, we're here for you. With a team of IICRC certified technicians and innovative restoration tools at our disposal, we specialize in making your business safe again.

Unlike some of our competitors, we are fiercely dedicated to our clients and aim to exceed their expectations with the highest quality water damage restoration services in Krum, TX. When water damage hits your business, time is of the essence, which is why we get to work quickly and efficiently by assessing the damage to your property. Once we know the extent of your water damage, we'll consult with you about its severity and detail the next steps you should take so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

With decades of combined experience, there is no disaster cleanup project too complex or large for our team to handle. We assist small businesses, large commercial entities, and even multi-family apartment complexes. Our clients trust Atlas National Renovations to keep them dry, safe, and secure, and it would be our pleasure to help do the same for you.

In addition to our reliability and quality of work, our customers choose us over others because we offer:

Service Areas

Fair, Accurate Work Estimates

We drain water from your property, not money from your bank account.

Clear, Constant Communication

When you work with Atlas, you're never left wondering what's happening with your commercial property.

Detailed Deadlines and Schedules

We're meticulous about sticking to schedules and meeting deadlines. You can always expect us to be on time and ready to work.

Experienced Project Managers

We assign seasoned, hardworking project managers for each of our projects. When you work with Atlas, you're working with the best.

Courteous and Knowledgeable Leadership

Excellence starts at the top, and our leadership team is the best in the business.

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What is Water Damage Restoration in in Krum, TX

If you're currently dealing with serious water damage from a flood, broken pipe, or other cause, you're probably not sure what to do next. While it's understandable to feel panicky, it's important that you have the water removed as quickly as possible. When structural damage and health hazards are at play, time is of the essence. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will get. The damage you see with your eyes is usually the tip of the iceberg - most water damage gets deep in your carpets and walls fast.

Atlas' water damage restoration services are focused on restoring and repairing the damage that water causes to commercial property. The primary purpose of our restoration services is to return your property to the condition it was in prior to the damage. Once your water damage has been mitigated, our team swoops in to begin the restoration process.

Depending on the scope and severity of your water damage, common water damage restoration services can include:

  • Damaged Flooring and Wall Replacement
  • Damaged Roof Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Humidity and Moisture Testing

While little can be done to predict natural disasters, there are common signs you can keep an eye on to prevent serious water damage from occurring.

Disaster Recovery Krum, TX

Common Signs of Commercial Water Damage in Krum, TX

There's no convenient time to be sidelined with water damage when it comes to your commercial property and business. Water damage to your commercial or industrial property is particularly devastating because every hour that your business is closed means lost revenue and productivity. You do not just have to deal with damage to the structural integrity of your building - you have to deal with the disruption of service to your loyal customers.

The good news? Atlas is here when you need us most, with a team of highly-trained technicians and unmatched water damage restoration expertise. We're ready to tackle your problem and solve it in an efficient, effective manner, so you can keep your doors open and your clients happy.

As a business owner, you know that one of the best ways to prevent a disaster is to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand. For that reason, keep an eye out for the following signs of water damage to your commercial property:

 Renovations Krum, TX
Look for Mold

Look for Mold:

Mold can begin to grow just a day or two after water has taken hold of your business. If you see small signs of mold growth in an area where you suspect a leak, contact Atlas National Renovations ASAP to diagnose the problem.

Check Your Pipes

Check Your Pipes:

If it's safe to do so, check out the piping inside and outside your commercial property. You want to keep a keen eye out for oxidation and corrosion around pipe fixtures. While you're at it, check your water heater for rust too. Corrosion or rust is a telltale sign of a water leak.

Check for Rings

Check for Rings:

Dark spots on walls and ceilings usually indicate water damage. If you see rings around a stain, the damage is probably older. Several rings with different shades of color mean an intermittent issue, where the area has been soaked and dried several times.

Understand Your Property

Understand Your Property:

This is more of a suggestion than a sign. As the commercial property owner, you should know your building's pipe system. You should know what is old and new and what areas may be at risk for water damage. Keep an extra-close eye on areas that have a higher potential for leaks, especially during rainstorms.

Benefits of Commercial Water Damage Restoration
in Krum, TX

When water invades your business or commercial property, you don't have much time to ponder your next course of action. While some business owners opt to try DIY water damage restoration, in most cases, they end up with more damage and expenses than before their leak. For the most effective, comprehensive solution to water damage, it's important that you hire a professional. At Atlas National Renovations, our primary focus is assisting business owners and commercial property managers with water damage restoration. We've been doing it for years, and we can help you too.

Here are just a few of the most common benefits we hear from past customers:

 Apartment Renovations Krum, TX
Safe Shopping Experience

Safe Shopping Experience

If you own a business, the health and safety of your customers is of utmost importance. When water damage occurs inside your storefront, you could be dealing with more than property damage. Depending on the severity of your issue, contaminants and microorganisms may be present, putting your customers' health at risk. When you trust a professional water damage restoration company like Atlas to remediate your water leak, you're not just putting a stop to the leak. Our team will clean and sanitize your business, making it safe for customers to continue shopping at your store.

Quick Response Time

Quick Response Time

Water damage can create unbearable conditions in your commercial property. As such, your water restoration company must be quick to respond. Professional water damage companies like Atlas respond quickly and can clean up water, dry and disinfect the area, and make necessary repairs. Because we have an entire team of pros and industry-leading equipment, we can be on site in minutes.

Less Damage, Better Costs

Less Damage, Better Costs

Water damage can be very expensive. Sometimes, it only takes a couple of hours to result in heavy losses. How soon you call the experts could mean the difference between painting over a water stain and having to rebuild an entire area of damaged drywall. When you call Atlas immediately, clients often reduce the cost of water damage restoration and overall building damage.

Capital Expenditure Services

In addition to our disaster recovery services, we also offer large-scale upgrades and improvements for your capital expenditures. If you own or manage a large commercial building or a multi-family property, you need to make sure your capital expenditures maintain present operating levels and foster your company's future growth.

At Atlas National Renovations, class A, B, and C properties are our bread and butter. We take the time to understand our customer's needs and expectations from the start so we can deliver outstanding results. If you're looking for a top-tier contractor to do the job right the first time, look no further than Atlas. Our customers love our team because we make large, highly-complicated projects easy to finish.

If you're looking to invest in the future of your business, know that we are here to help with projects like these:

  • High Volume Unit Upgrades and Improvements
  • Amenity Upgrades and Conversions
  • Common Area Improvements
  • High Volume Carpet, LVT, and Tile Installation
  • Courtyards and Hardscapes
  • Package Room and Mail Center Upgrades and Additions
  • Fitness Center Upgrades and Improvements
  • Dog Parks and Pet Stations
  • Signage Improvements and Additions
  • LED Lighting and Electrical Upgrades

Fitness Center Upgrades
and Improvements

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Multi-Family Building Deficiencies and Restoration Services

New multi-family properties are entering the market every day. That means that older communities must be renovated to keep up with modern demands and tenant needs. Upgrades to amenities, aesthetics and even structural changes help assets stay up-to-date. At the same time, damages from leaks and storms must be addressed. If you're a multi-family property manager or owner, and need unmatched restoration capability, Atlas National Renovations is here to serve you.

We specialize in cutting-edge, high-quality ways to achieve your renovation goals - for your tenants but also for your corporate leaders and management team. After all, a successful multi-family renovation benefits all parties.

We currently work with the top multi-family groups across our state. Unlike some multi-family renovation companies in Texas, our team understands the inner workings of the multi-family environment. Our customers appreciate our accommodations to their residents, maintenance team, leasing team, corporate leaders, and beyond. We're proud to say we know multi-family, inside and out, and have the credentials to back up those claims.

When crafting a multi-family restoration plan, we always consider your tenant's demographics, your building's curb appeal, property age, and energy efficiency. Whether you need to have significant updates applied to an older property or need a water damage inspection for a brand-new building, we can help.

Here is a quick glance at some of the multi-family renovations that our team handles:

  • Leak Detection and Water Intrusion Investigation
  • Exterior Sealants and Waterproofing
  • Large Interior and Exterior Paint Projects
  • Stucco Remediation and Exterior Facade Re-Clads
  • Full Property Exterior Repaints
  • Concrete and Flatwork
  • Corridor and Common Area Painting
  • Roof Replacement

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Water damage restoration is a crucial, complex process that must be completed properly to save your business from serious damage. Choosing the right professional is equally important, especially when your customers' health is on the line. Whether you need large-scale commercial restoration or quick, effective water damage cleanup for your storefront business, know that we are only a phone call away. Contact our friendly team of experts to learn more about Atlas National Renovations and how we clean up your water damage mess better than the rest.

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Latest News in Krum, TX

School and business cancellations and closings in North Texas for Friday, Feb. 3

UPDATE: Dallas ISD reversed course Friday morning around 5:30 a.m. and announced all schools would remain closed. The district previously announced a two-hour delayed start. Icy winter weather continues to pummel North Texas. Schools and businesses stay closed for Friday. Here's the list so far. We will continue to update.Schools and Businesses A&M College of DentistryOpening at 10:00 AM FridayA.W. Brown Leadership AcademyClosed - Friday - Closed - Saturday SchoolAcademy of DallasOp...

UPDATE: Dallas ISD reversed course Friday morning around 5:30 a.m. and announced all schools would remain closed. The district previously announced a two-hour delayed start.

Icy winter weather continues to pummel North Texas. Schools and businesses stay closed for Friday. Here's the list so far. We will continue to update.

Schools and Businesses

A&M College of DentistryOpening at 10:00 AM Friday

A.W. Brown Leadership AcademyClosed - Friday - Closed - Saturday School

Academy of DallasOpening at 10:00 AM Friday

Aledo ISDClosed Friday

All Saints' Episcopal School Fort WorthClosed - Friday

American Care Academy 10th StreetOpening at 9:00 AM Friday

American Care Academy-Pleasant GroveOpening at 9:00 AM Friday

Argyle ISDClosed Friday

Arlington ISDClosed Friday

Azle Christian SchoolsClosed Friday

Azle ISDClosed Friday

Birdville ISDClosed - Friday

Bland ISDClosed Friday

Building Blocks CDC - AlsburyClosed Friday

Building Blocks CDC - ExpeditionClosed Friday

Building Blocks CDC - Old Hwy 1187Closed Friday

Burleson ISDClosed Friday

Carrollton/Farmers Branch ISDOpening at 12:00 PM Friday - Buses delayed 2 hours

Castleberry ISDClosed Friday - All Activities Canceled

Celeste ISDClosed - Friday

Cityscape SchoolsOpening 2 Hrs late - Friday

Collin Central Appraisal DistrictOpening at 10:00 AM- Friday

Commerce ISDOpening at 10:00 AM Friday

Crowley ISDClosed Friday

Dallas Central Appraisal DistrictOpening at 10:00 AM Friday

Dallas First Presbyterian Day SchoolOpening 2 hours late Friday - Buses will run 2 hours later

Dallas ISDClosed Friday

DBU Main CampusOpening at 10:00 AM - Friday

Denton Classical AcademyOpening at 9:30 AM - Friday

Denton ISDDelayed 2 hours on Friday

Destined for Greatness Christian AcademyOpening at 10:00 AM Friday

Dublin ISDClosed Friday

Duncanville ISDClosed Friday

Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISDClosed - Friday

Everman ISDClosed - Friday

Farmersville ISDClosed - Friday

FBC CDC- DentonDelayed 2 hours on Friday

Fellowship Christian Academy OCBFClosed - Friday - Virtual Classes

First Methodist School - DuncanvilleClosed Friday

Flower Mound Montessori SchoolOpening 2 hours late Friday

Flower Mound UMC CDCOpening 2 hours late Friday

Fort Worth Academy of Fine ArtsClosed- Friday

Fort Worth Country DayOpening at 10:00 AM - Friday

Fort Worth ISDClosed Friday

Fort Worth Save Our Children LearningClosed - Friday

Founders Classical Academy of CarrolltonDelayed 2 hours on Friday

Glen Rose ISDClosed Friday

Good Shepherd EpiscopalOpening at 9:30 AM - Friday

Gordon ISDClosed - Friday

Grand Prairie ISDClosed - Friday

Greenville Christian SchoolOpening at 10:00 AM Friday - Morning classes delayed 2 hours

Head Start of Greater DallasOpening at 9:00 AM - Friday

High Meadows AcademyOpening 2 hours late Friday

High Point AcademyClosed Friday

Holy Family Catholic SchoolClosed Friday

Holy Trinity Catholic School GrapevineClosed Friday

Imagination Station Childcare CenterOpening at 2:00 PM- Friday - After-School Pickup Only

Jacksboro ISDOpening at 10:00 AM - Friday - Buses will run 2 hours late

Jean Massieu AcademyClosed Friday

John Paul II High SchoolE-Learning Friday - After-school activities resume

Joshua ISDClosed - Friday

Keller ISDClosed Friday

Kennedale ISDClosed - Friday

Kopperl ISDOpening at 10:30 AM Friday - Buses will run 3 hours late

Krum ISD2 Hour start delay Friday

Lake Dallas ISD2-hour delayed start on Friday - Buses on 2-hour delay

Lamb of God PreschoolOpening 2 hours late Friday

Leonard ISDOpening at 10:00 AM Friday - Buses will run two hours late

Lewisville ISDOpening 2 hours late Friday

Life School DistrictClosed Friday - Varsity Games Continue Friday

Los Barrios Unidos Community ClinicOpening at 10:00 AM - Friday

Lucas Christian AcademyOpening at 10:00 AM-Friday

Lumin Education - East DallasOpening at 10:00 AM - Morning classes delayed 2 hours

Lumin Education - Lindsley ParkOpening at 10:00 AM Friday - Morning classes delayed 2 hours

Mansfield ISDClosed - Friday

Midlothian ISDClosed - Friday

Millsap ISDClosed - Friday

Montessori School of Fort WorthOpening at 10:00 AM - Friday

Mustang Special Utility DistrictOpening at 11:00 am Friday

N Central Texas College CorinthClosed Friday

Nova AcademyClosed Friday

Oak Crest Private SchoolOpening at 10:30 AM - Morning classes delayed 2 hours

The Oakridge SchoolClosed - Friday

Parish Episcopal SchoolOpening at 9:00 AM Friday

Park Row Christian AcademyClosed Friday

Peaster ISDClosed -Friday

Per ScholasClosed - Friday

Pilot Point ISDClosed Friday

Poolville ISDClosed - Friday

Prestonwood Christian Acad North CampusClosed - Friday - After school activities will occur unless tempera

Prestonwood Christian Academy - PlanoClosed - Friday - Friday's after school & evening activities will occur unless tempera

PTAA - GreenvilleOpening at 10:00 AM Friday

Red Oak ISDClosed - Friday

Rockwall County Government OfficesOpening at 10:00 AM Friday

Santo ISDClosed Friday

Simply Smarts Learning CenterClosed Friday

SMUOpening at 6:00 AM Friday

Southwest Christian SchoolOpening 2 Hrs late Friday

Southwestern Baptist Theological SeminarClosed Friday - Virtual classes only

Span TransitOpening at 12pm Friday

Spring Creek AcademyClosed - Friday

The St. Anthony SchoolOpening at 10:00 AM Friday

St. Mark's School of TexasOpen Friday

St. Paul Lutheran School-Ft. WorthOpening at 9:15 AM - Friday

St. Paul's Preparatory AcademyClosed Friday

Sunnyvale ISDTwo Hour Delay Friday

Tarrant County CollegeOpening at 10:00 AM - Friday

TCUOpening at 10:00 AM Friday

Texas Elementary School of the ArtsClosed- Friday

Texas Wesleyan University Campus Closed Friday - Virtual instruction & remote operations

Texas Woman's UniversityClosed Friday

Texas Woman's-DallasClosed Friday

The Winston SchoolOpening at 10:00 AM Friday

Tioga ISDClosed-Friday

Treetops International SchoolClosed Friday

Trinity LeadershipClosed - Friday

Trinity Valley SchoolClosed Friday

University of North TexasOpening at 10:00 AM - Friday

University of North Texas at DallasOpening at 10:00 AM Friday

UNT Dallas College of LawOpening at 10:00 AM Friday

UT at ArlingtonOpening at 8:00 AM Friday

Weatherford Christian SchoolClosed - Friday

Weatherford CollegeOpening at 1:00 PM - Friday

Weatherford ISDClosed - Friday

Wesley Prep8:30 am start - Friday - Car Pool begins at 8:AM

West Dallas Community SchoolClosed - Friday

White Settlement ISDClosed Friday

Winfree Academy Charter SchoolsClosed Friday

Wortham Public SchoolsOpening at 10:00 AM Friday - Buses will run two hours late

Every Day, Every Play: Welcoming Every ’Roo

Written by Carrie Johnson, Staff WriterFreshmen Kaitlyn Barrett, Lupita Reel, Brooklyn Cook, Faith Butler, and Tessa Contreras are new to the college environment. Nia Carter and Keiten Day are transfers who are continuing their academic endeavors at Austin College. What do they all have in common?Joining the Austin College softball team.“We’re incredibly excited about our incoming ’Roos,” said Head Softball Coach Kelly Sylvester about the five freshmen and two transfers the Austin...

Written by Carrie Johnson, Staff Writer

Freshmen Kaitlyn Barrett, Lupita Reel, Brooklyn Cook, Faith Butler, and Tessa Contreras are new to the college environment. Nia Carter and Keiten Day are transfers who are continuing their academic endeavors at Austin College. What do they all have in common?

Joining the Austin College softball team.

“We’re incredibly excited about our incoming ’Roos,” said Head Softball Coach Kelly Sylvester about the five freshmen and two transfers the Austin College softball team is adding to their program. “They bring so much to our team and campus that it’s difficult to talk about them purely in terms of softball; but I’ll try my best to do so. On the field, they have the potential to make an immediate impact on our program”

“I chose AC because it gave me the most variety of classes in order to pursue something I am passionate about and its partnership with medical schools,” said Kaitlyn Barrett, adding that “getting to play softball is a major bonus!”

“KB is a force and a great student of the game – she has an insatiable thirst to keep expanding her softball IQ,” Coach Sylvester commented. “We’re excited to have her bat added to our lineup and her fiery instincts behind the dish or in the hot corner.”

Kaitlyn is from Franktown, Colorado and graduated from Valor Christian High School with many honors: she was Varsity Softball Captain and DECA President, and was awarded All State Academic three times, National Honor Society four times, and Magna Cum Laude four times.

Nia Carter, who transferred from North Texas Community College, said “I came to expand my knowledge and achieve my educational goals.” Nia is a double major in English and Political Science. “The Pre-Law Society, Black Expressions, and Student Assembly were compelling reasons to attend this institution,” she added.

“I also wanted to continue my softball career at a four-year after my time playing at North Central Texas College. The culture and environment on the softball team is something that you can’t find everywhere.”

Nia was Offensive Player of the Year for district her senior year, was one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top hitters and had one of the highest number of home runs in a season according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. She was also awarded First Academic All District and Honorable Mention her sophomore year. At NCTC, she was First Team Academic All Conference two times. She is from Wylie, Texas and graduated from Wylie East High School.

Coach Sylvester said that Nia “is a hitter and an absolute joy to watch as a corner player, who also will be a power pitcher in the circle on occasion.”

Lupita Reel is from Whitney, Texas and graduated from Whitney High School. She received her high school’s Wildcat Award, Overall MVP, and Defensive MVP. She was also Academic All-State & All-District three times, second Team All-Regional, and All-District Honorable Mention.

“I decided to attend Austin College because of the inclusivity of AC, as well as the uplifting nature of this college. The softball girls have been beyond accepting and have shown me that there is always someone in my corner,” said Lupita (also known as Pita) who intends to major in Political Science while minoring in History.

“Pita is phenomenally versatile and impressive. Not only is she a solid catcher, she has the range, hands and savvy of a true shortstop, and at the plate, she’s got both speed and power as her weapons,” said Coach Sylvester.

Brooklynn Cook from Athens, Texas said she “chose AC for softball because of the culture and the motto.” She was District Co-MVP twice in high school.

“Brooklynn commands the ball in the circle and, like many of our pitchers, she hits well and will be competing for a secondary position,” Coach Sylvester remarked.

Brooklyn graduated with both a high school diploma and an associate degree from Athens High School. At Austin College, she is a double major in biology and chemistry. “I chose AC for academics because it was a good fit for what I want to do,” said Brooklyn.

Faith Butler also thinks AC is a good fit: “Out of all the schools I had offers from, AC had the best academics and was the best financially. Softball didn’t have a weigh in with my choices. I plan to major in kinesiology,” freshmen Faith Butler said.

Faith was First Team Outfield & Infield, Academic All State, and sixth in her class at Krum High School in Krum, Texas.

Coach Sylvester said that “Faith brings more speed and range in our outfield” and also that “she’s a smart hitter and a heads up baserunner.”

Keiten Day transferred from Collin College in McKinney, Texas. “My first visit as a transfer was very welcoming because everyone was so nice and made me feel at home, and having been here even for the short period of time I have, I feel I can call AC my new home away from home.”

“I chose AC because I spent four years watching my cousin Noah Jesko play football at AC and heard how passionate he was for the college and the environment. Coach Sylvester made me feel very welcomed as well when she invited me to play softball at AC. My goal this year is to pursue my love for softball but also continue to further my education and make many more friends!” Keiten said.

Continuing to make her feel welcome, Coach Sylvester said that “Keiten is a gritty, versatile player defensively and offensively, she’s great at making minor adjustments to achieve big results.”

Keiten was All District Freshmen Catcher, Volleyball MVP, and an American Sign Language Honor from Lumberton, TX, Lumberton High School. She is majoring in Psychology and Pre-Med.

“I chose AC because I liked the culture the team already had and the culture they’re still trying to build,” freshmen Tessa Contreras said.

“Tessa is solid anywhere in the infield. With her strong bat and great instincts, we expect she’ll be competing in multiple spots on the field,” Coach Sylvester affirmed.

Tessa was Academic All State, First Team Academic All State, All District Utility Player of the Year, All District Academic, All District First Team, Defensive MVP and is from Carrollton, TX. She graduated from Creekview High School.

When commenting about the Austin College softball program, Coach Sylvester stated “Our program underwent a deep rebuilding process – significantly continuing to raise our standards and culture. Each year, the bar gets set higher for prospective recruits. Given Austin College’s high-academic standards and exceptional reputation in what I call our niche programs, I strive to recruit young softball student-athletes with career aspirations in tough, competitive fields, who are excited to lean into the challenge of being stretched both academically and athletically.”

Adding the new members to the roster is something she is incredibly excited about.

“These young women not only stood out during the recruiting process, they continue to impress us more each passing day – they’re great people, students, teammates, competitors and we’re absolutely thrilled they’ve joined us!”

Softball: Clark helps Argyle power past Krum in marquee District 7-4A clash

KRUM — Argyle had nearly every phase of its game working on Tuesday.The Eagles racked up 10 hits en route to a 10-4 win over Krum in a battle of District 7-4A’s top teams, asserting their dominance in a game that could set the tone the rest of the season.It was Hailey Clark’s presence in the middle of the order for 18th-ranked Argyle (17-7, 9-0) that helped set the tone for the rest of the lineup.“I just went up there to make contact and just hope for the best,” said Clark, who had four RBIs...

KRUM — Argyle had nearly every phase of its game working on Tuesday.

The Eagles racked up 10 hits en route to a 10-4 win over Krum in a battle of District 7-4A’s top teams, asserting their dominance in a game that could set the tone the rest of the season.

It was Hailey Clark’s presence in the middle of the order for 18th-ranked Argyle (17-7, 9-0) that helped set the tone for the rest of the lineup.

“I just went up there to make contact and just hope for the best,” said Clark, who had four RBIs. “I wanted to make sure I either hit a gap or hopefully they can make an error or at least just advance a runner.”

“If you’re going to be a big-time team, you’ve got to make contact,” Argyle coach Kevin Cook said. “We preach nine girls with contact, and we got a couple of breaks on some errors and manufactured some runs. And that’s from just making contact all the time.”

Clark got the scoring started for the Eagles in the first inning with a two-run RBI with two outs before Rylee Sandifer dropped in an RBI single over the head of the Krum shortstop. But whenever it appeared Argyle would bust the game open, the 20th-ranked Bobcats (15-5, 8-1) loomed.

“It’s Krum and Argyle,” Cook said. “We could have scored eight runs in the first inning, and it still would have been a ball game. They don’t have any quit. And so, it is just typical. We punch first and they punch back.”

In the third inning the Eagles loaded the bases with no outs before Clark drove in her third run of the day, but Krum pitcher Gracie Riney proceeded to strike out each of the next three Argyle batters to keep the Bobcats in contention.

But Krum couldn’t generate runs.

“I think we just have to get a little better,” Krum coach Lindsay Lyles said. “Toward the end, we started to put more balls in play, but early in the game we were hitting the ball right at people. So just trying to put a lot more balls in play a lot harder and adjusting at the plate.”

Krum finally pushed across its first run on an Abby Seitzinger RBI fielder’s choice in the second inning, but that would be it until the sixth. Addison Martindale and Kennedy Brooks each had RBI groundouts, but that would be all.

“I think we got a little mental maybe,” Lyles said. “It’s a big game, a lot of pressure going on, and they’re a good team. But I think we just cracked under the pressure, unfortunately. And we just didn’t do the things we need to do when we needed to do them.”

Reagan Dillion and Sandifer each drove in two runs, while ace Ava Edwards pitched seven innings with six strikeouts and allowed just one earned run for Argyle. Though the Eagles did commit a handful of errors that gave Krum their chances to fight back.

Cook knows that high-pressure games like Tuesday’s only lie ahead if Argyle gets where they want to go.

“It’s the first time we’ve actually played for the district championship,” Cook said. “So nerves are always part of that. And so, we really wanted to be in it. And we have to learn how to play for two and a half hours.”

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Amy's Bookkeeping Announces Small Business Accounting Solutions in Denton

Amy's Bookkeeping is introducing new accounting solutions for small business owners, hotels, and contractors in the Denton areaKrum, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - March 2, 2023) - Amy's Bookkeeping announced its small business accounting solutions designed to help solo entrepreneurs, businesses in the hospitality sector, as well as local contractors, receive professional assistance with invoicing, expenses, and payroll.Amy's Bookkeeping Announces Small Business Accounting Solutions In DentonTo view an enhanced version ...

Amy's Bookkeeping is introducing new accounting solutions for small business owners, hotels, and contractors in the Denton area

Krum, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - March 2, 2023) - Amy's Bookkeeping announced its small business accounting solutions designed to help solo entrepreneurs, businesses in the hospitality sector, as well as local contractors, receive professional assistance with invoicing, expenses, and payroll.

Amy's Bookkeeping Announces Small Business Accounting Solutions In Denton

To view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit: https://images.newsfilecorp.com/files/8814/156899_e94e1bfea4fca954_001full.jpg

The announcement comes as Denton sees an influx of small businesses in the neighboring Alliance Airport area. As part of its comprehensive accounting package, Amy's Bookkeeping offers general accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoice preparation, payroll processing, financial statements, and cash flow analysis.

The firm's accounting solutions can help business owners and entrepreneurs in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex who need to outsource the responsibility of keeping accurate records and remaining in control of their finances. "For many business owners who may not have financial expertise, it can be challenging to keep track of the company's finances," explains the firm's founder, Amy Smith. "As such, we offer a comprehensive solution - from accounts payables and general ledger to payroll processing."

The firm explains that by outsourcing their accounting, small business owners can get access to the necessary expertise and resources to help them manage finances, control expenses, and promote sustainable growth. As such, as part of its accounting and bookkeeping package, Amy's Bookkeeping will conduct cash flow analysis and create financial statements to help business owners better understand their company's finances, areas of improvement, and optimization opportunities.

For all its accounting solutions, the firm uses the double-entry system of bookkeeping, which is designed to improve accuracy of financial statements, standardize accounting processes, and improve error detection.

Interested parties can find out more by visiting .

Business Contact Information:Organization: Amy's Bookkeeping LLCPhone: (940) 391-4016Website:

Media Contact Information:Name: Amy Lara SmithEmail: Organization: Amy's Bookkeeping LLCAddress: PO Box 552, Krum, TX 76249, United StatesWebsite:

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Second-half rally pushes Ponder past Krum in area showdown

CorrectionThis story has been updated to identify Mitch Nuziard as the Ponder wide receiver in the featured image.PONDER — A back-and-forth affair between two schools less than 8 miles apart ended in a 56-51 win for Ponder as it scored 35 second-half points to rally from a halftime deficit.It was an offensive slugfest throughout, as the final score indicates. The two teams combined for 1,201 yards of total offense as both defenses struggled to get stops. The Lions were able to find just a ...

PONDER — A back-and-forth affair between two schools less than 8 miles apart ended in a 56-51 win for Ponder as it scored 35 second-half points to rally from a halftime deficit.

It was an offensive slugfest throughout, as the final score indicates. The two teams combined for 1,201 yards of total offense as both defenses struggled to get stops. The Lions were able to find just a little more offense than the Bobcats, though, to edge out the win.

“I just felt like the first half we really stopped ourselves,” Ponder coach Kyle Cooper said. “This team is really growing up. I’m really proud of them. They’re learning how to handle adversity and how to fight through that.

“At halftime they really did a good job of just getting back to neutral, regaining their composure, and just came out and executed in the second half.”

Ponder quarterback Clifton Cooper led the team’s offensive efforts in completing 36 of 55 pass attempts for 471 yards and five touchdowns. He also ran for 52 yards and one score. Cooper’s most targeted receivers were Mitch Nuziard (13 catches for 189 yards and two scores) and Case Peacock (12 catches for 191 yards and two scores).

It was just the latest in a series of strong performances for Clifton Cooper, who entered the contest having thrown for 1,035 yards and 14 touchdowns in the team’s first two games.

“We’re going to keep doing great things, keep slinging the rock,” he said. “I don’t know if anybody’s going to be able to stop it.”

Receiving the opening kickoff, Krum (1-2) struck quickly with a three-play, 68-yard touchdown drive. It was capped off by a 53-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Ty Taber to wide receiver Justin Wooten.

Taber finished the night with four touchdown passes while giving away two interceptions.

Ponder (3-0) answered on its opening series with a lengthy touchdown drive as Clifton Cooper ran it in from 16 yards out. The Bobcats responded with a 21-yard field goal to lead by three with 6:13 left in the opening frame.

Following a Ponder turnover on downs, Krum extended its edge to 10 on a 1-yard run by running back Devrin Brown, who had a 27-yard carry earlier in that drive. The Lions narrowed the margin again on the first play of the second quarter as tight end Dillon Cope ran it in from a yard out.

Taber found tight end/linebacker Alex Cordova for a 33-yard touchdown pass on the Bobcats’ ensuing drive. Then Krum recovered a fumble and had a field goal blocked before Ponder narrowed the halftime deficit to three at 24-21 with a 6-yard touchdown pass from Cooper to Peacock.

“I never question the fight in our kids. They’ve fought all year,” first-year Krum coach Chuck Caniford said. “The bottom line is, when there were plays to be made, they made ‘em and we had too many missed opportunities.”

A high-scoring second half saw Ponder go three-and-out on its opening drive before Krum hit on a 55-yard pass from Taber to Wooten and Brown scored from a yard out. The Lions answered with a lengthy touchdown drive capped by a 1-yard run.

Ponder then forced a Krum punt and scored again to take a 35-31 lead. The Lions got an interception courtesy of Trey Kysiak and scored on their first ensuing offensive play as Clifton Cooper found Nuziard for a 32-yard touchdown pass to lead 42-31.

More consistently finding that tempo in the second half is something Clifton Cooper felt helped Ponder rally.

“Our whole deal is tempo. We play for that tempo and strive for that tempo. We play to tire the other team out,” Cooper said. “The tempo really came through right there and helped us out. They were getting tired and we just started throwing all over. It really helps.”

Krum narrowed the deficit later after forcing a Cooper fumble and scoring on a 23-yard pass from Taber to Wooten to make it 42-37. Ponder then turned it over on downs and forced a punt before scoring a touchdown on a three-play drive capped by a 60-yard pass from Cooper to Nuziard.

Krum quickly answered on the first play of its next drive with a 46-yard touchdown pass from Taber to wide receiver Dakota Moore to make the score 49-44 with 3:48 to play.

Ponder then scored a crucial touchdown on fourth-and-nine in the red zone as Cooper found Peacock for a 17-yard touchdown pass to make it 56-44.

Krum scored with 5.3 seconds to play on a 34-yard touchdown pass from Taber to Kobe Wall, but it could not recover an onside for one last chance to tie.

As the two teams ready for their final nondistrict games next week, improvement is front of mind for both. Krum is set to take on Caddo Mills, and Caniford preached turning over a new leaf to his players after the tough loss.

“The thing you lose sight of is these kids are still learning. It’s all new on both sides of the football,” Caniford said. “We’re able to make big plays in all phases of the game. We just have to continue to do that on a more consistent basis and we can’t leave plays out on the field.”

For Ponder, continued growth is still the priority despite matching their best start in program history at 3-0. The Lions face Godley next Friday on the road as they look to open 4-0 for the first time ever.

“On both sides of the ball there’s things for us to clean up, and special teams as well,” Kyle Cooper said. “Just keep plugging one day at a time — it’s still early in the season, but district’s right around the corner. We just have to start really honing in on some small details in each phase of the game.”

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