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Disaster Recovery Done Right: Trust Atlas for Commercial Water Damage Restoration in DeSoto, TX.

When you own a business, property damage is an unfortunate occurrence that happens all too often. Property damage can be caused by any number of disasters, both natural and man-made. Most often, however, property damage happens from an excess of water. From very heavy rainstorms to broken pipes, water damage can be incredibly harmful not just for your storefront but for your customers.

When water spreads through your commercial property, it happens quickly, causing damage as it moves. At the same time, furnishings and porous materials soak up moisture. In just a short amount of time, you could be dealing with warping, rotting, and even mold growth. That's why water damage remediation is so important - to address your current damage and prevent water from making your business unsafe.

At Atlas National Renovations, we know that dealing with water damage seems like a losing effort on your own. But when you trust our water damage restoration team, you don't have to lose hope. We provide comprehensive water remediation services for businesses of all size in Texas. From the first time we lay eyes on your water damage to the time we mitigate your problem, we're here for you. With a team of IICRC certified technicians and innovative restoration tools at our disposal, we specialize in making your business safe again.

Unlike some of our competitors, we are fiercely dedicated to our clients and aim to exceed their expectations with the highest quality water damage restoration services in DeSoto, TX. When water damage hits your business, time is of the essence, which is why we get to work quickly and efficiently by assessing the damage to your property. Once we know the extent of your water damage, we'll consult with you about its severity and detail the next steps you should take so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

With decades of combined experience, there is no disaster cleanup project too complex or large for our team to handle. We assist small businesses, large commercial entities, and even multi-family apartment complexes. Our clients trust Atlas National Renovations to keep them dry, safe, and secure, and it would be our pleasure to help do the same for you.

In addition to our reliability and quality of work, our customers choose us over others because we offer:

Service Areas

Fair, Accurate Work Estimates

We drain water from your property, not money from your bank account.

Clear, Constant Communication

When you work with Atlas, you're never left wondering what's happening with your commercial property.

Detailed Deadlines and Schedules

We're meticulous about sticking to schedules and meeting deadlines. You can always expect us to be on time and ready to work.

Experienced Project Managers

We assign seasoned, hardworking project managers for each of our projects. When you work with Atlas, you're working with the best.

Courteous and Knowledgeable Leadership

Excellence starts at the top, and our leadership team is the best in the business.

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What is Water Damage Restoration in in DeSoto, TX

If you're currently dealing with serious water damage from a flood, broken pipe, or other cause, you're probably not sure what to do next. While it's understandable to feel panicky, it's important that you have the water removed as quickly as possible. When structural damage and health hazards are at play, time is of the essence. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will get. The damage you see with your eyes is usually the tip of the iceberg - most water damage gets deep in your carpets and walls fast.

Atlas' water damage restoration services are focused on restoring and repairing the damage that water causes to commercial property. The primary purpose of our restoration services is to return your property to the condition it was in prior to the damage. Once your water damage has been mitigated, our team swoops in to begin the restoration process.

Depending on the scope and severity of your water damage, common water damage restoration services can include:

  • Damaged Flooring and Wall Replacement
  • Damaged Roof Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Humidity and Moisture Testing

While little can be done to predict natural disasters, there are common signs you can keep an eye on to prevent serious water damage from occurring.

Disaster Recovery DeSoto, TX

Common Signs of Commercial Water Damage in DeSoto, TX

There's no convenient time to be sidelined with water damage when it comes to your commercial property and business. Water damage to your commercial or industrial property is particularly devastating because every hour that your business is closed means lost revenue and productivity. You do not just have to deal with damage to the structural integrity of your building - you have to deal with the disruption of service to your loyal customers.

The good news? Atlas is here when you need us most, with a team of highly-trained technicians and unmatched water damage restoration expertise. We're ready to tackle your problem and solve it in an efficient, effective manner, so you can keep your doors open and your clients happy.

As a business owner, you know that one of the best ways to prevent a disaster is to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand. For that reason, keep an eye out for the following signs of water damage to your commercial property:

 Renovations DeSoto, TX
Look for Mold

Look for Mold:

Mold can begin to grow just a day or two after water has taken hold of your business. If you see small signs of mold growth in an area where you suspect a leak, contact Atlas National Renovations ASAP to diagnose the problem.

Check Your Pipes

Check Your Pipes:

If it's safe to do so, check out the piping inside and outside your commercial property. You want to keep a keen eye out for oxidation and corrosion around pipe fixtures. While you're at it, check your water heater for rust too. Corrosion or rust is a telltale sign of a water leak.

Check for Rings

Check for Rings:

Dark spots on walls and ceilings usually indicate water damage. If you see rings around a stain, the damage is probably older. Several rings with different shades of color mean an intermittent issue, where the area has been soaked and dried several times.

Understand Your Property

Understand Your Property:

This is more of a suggestion than a sign. As the commercial property owner, you should know your building's pipe system. You should know what is old and new and what areas may be at risk for water damage. Keep an extra-close eye on areas that have a higher potential for leaks, especially during rainstorms.

Benefits of Commercial Water Damage Restoration
in DeSoto, TX

When water invades your business or commercial property, you don't have much time to ponder your next course of action. While some business owners opt to try DIY water damage restoration, in most cases, they end up with more damage and expenses than before their leak. For the most effective, comprehensive solution to water damage, it's important that you hire a professional. At Atlas National Renovations, our primary focus is assisting business owners and commercial property managers with water damage restoration. We've been doing it for years, and we can help you too.

Here are just a few of the most common benefits we hear from past customers:

 Apartment Renovations DeSoto, TX
Safe Shopping Experience

Safe Shopping Experience

If you own a business, the health and safety of your customers is of utmost importance. When water damage occurs inside your storefront, you could be dealing with more than property damage. Depending on the severity of your issue, contaminants and microorganisms may be present, putting your customers' health at risk. When you trust a professional water damage restoration company like Atlas to remediate your water leak, you're not just putting a stop to the leak. Our team will clean and sanitize your business, making it safe for customers to continue shopping at your store.

Quick Response Time

Quick Response Time

Water damage can create unbearable conditions in your commercial property. As such, your water restoration company must be quick to respond. Professional water damage companies like Atlas respond quickly and can clean up water, dry and disinfect the area, and make necessary repairs. Because we have an entire team of pros and industry-leading equipment, we can be on site in minutes.

Less Damage, Better Costs

Less Damage, Better Costs

Water damage can be very expensive. Sometimes, it only takes a couple of hours to result in heavy losses. How soon you call the experts could mean the difference between painting over a water stain and having to rebuild an entire area of damaged drywall. When you call Atlas immediately, clients often reduce the cost of water damage restoration and overall building damage.

Capital Expenditure Services

In addition to our disaster recovery services, we also offer large-scale upgrades and improvements for your capital expenditures. If you own or manage a large commercial building or a multi-family property, you need to make sure your capital expenditures maintain present operating levels and foster your company's future growth.

At Atlas National Renovations, class A, B, and C properties are our bread and butter. We take the time to understand our customer's needs and expectations from the start so we can deliver outstanding results. If you're looking for a top-tier contractor to do the job right the first time, look no further than Atlas. Our customers love our team because we make large, highly-complicated projects easy to finish.

If you're looking to invest in the future of your business, know that we are here to help with projects like these:

  • High Volume Unit Upgrades and Improvements
  • Amenity Upgrades and Conversions
  • Common Area Improvements
  • High Volume Carpet, LVT, and Tile Installation
  • Courtyards and Hardscapes
  • Package Room and Mail Center Upgrades and Additions
  • Fitness Center Upgrades and Improvements
  • Dog Parks and Pet Stations
  • Signage Improvements and Additions
  • LED Lighting and Electrical Upgrades

Fitness Center Upgrades
and Improvements

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Multi-Family Building Deficiencies and Restoration Services

New multi-family properties are entering the market every day. That means that older communities must be renovated to keep up with modern demands and tenant needs. Upgrades to amenities, aesthetics and even structural changes help assets stay up-to-date. At the same time, damages from leaks and storms must be addressed. If you're a multi-family property manager or owner, and need unmatched restoration capability, Atlas National Renovations is here to serve you.

We specialize in cutting-edge, high-quality ways to achieve your renovation goals - for your tenants but also for your corporate leaders and management team. After all, a successful multi-family renovation benefits all parties.

We currently work with the top multi-family groups across our state. Unlike some multi-family renovation companies in Texas, our team understands the inner workings of the multi-family environment. Our customers appreciate our accommodations to their residents, maintenance team, leasing team, corporate leaders, and beyond. We're proud to say we know multi-family, inside and out, and have the credentials to back up those claims.

When crafting a multi-family restoration plan, we always consider your tenant's demographics, your building's curb appeal, property age, and energy efficiency. Whether you need to have significant updates applied to an older property or need a water damage inspection for a brand-new building, we can help.

Here is a quick glance at some of the multi-family renovations that our team handles:

  • Leak Detection and Water Intrusion Investigation
  • Exterior Sealants and Waterproofing
  • Large Interior and Exterior Paint Projects
  • Stucco Remediation and Exterior Facade Re-Clads
  • Full Property Exterior Repaints
  • Concrete and Flatwork
  • Corridor and Common Area Painting
  • Roof Replacement

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Water damage restoration is a crucial, complex process that must be completed properly to save your business from serious damage. Choosing the right professional is equally important, especially when your customers' health is on the line. Whether you need large-scale commercial restoration or quick, effective water damage cleanup for your storefront business, know that we are only a phone call away. Contact our friendly team of experts to learn more about Atlas National Renovations and how we clean up your water damage mess better than the rest.

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Latest News in DeSoto, TX

A North Texas school district is banning backpacks for secondary students the rest of the year

The rule of one of few new procedures meant to limit any potential distractions until the end of the year.DESOTO, Texas — A North Texas school district is looking to avoid any end-of-the-year distractions, and they are implementing a few new procedures to help do so.Last Friday, DeSoto Independent School District officials announced that no students in the 6th grade or higher are allowed to have backpacks for the re...

The rule of one of few new procedures meant to limit any potential distractions until the end of the year.

DESOTO, Texas — A North Texas school district is looking to avoid any end-of-the-year distractions, and they are implementing a few new procedures to help do so.

Last Friday, DeSoto Independent School District officials announced that no students in the 6th grade or higher are allowed to have backpacks for the rest of the school year. The rule goes into effect on Monday, April 24.

Students will be allowed to carry a small, sandwich-bag-sized clutch or a pencil bag to carry anything for personal hygiene products.

“This really is a proactive decision to make sure that we are staying ahead of and abreast of school safety and also making sure that we're creating an environment that allows students to stay academically focused,” said Tiffanie Blackmon-Jones, Chief of Communications for DeSoto ISD.

The backpack rule is one of a few procedures planned by the district in hopes of a smooth end to the school year.

“Our kids who are engaged in extra-curricular activities, whether it's band or dance or theater or athletics, we are asking them to take those bags and materials to those practice or locker room area and drop them off prior to the start of the school day,” Blackmon-Jones explained.

Campuses will be highly monitored by DeSoto ISD security staff and district-level staff members trained in safety and security.

“I think when you look at the activity around school safety, just in general across the country, there is genuine concern around how do we keep schools safe,” Blackmon-Jones said.

The district security staff will be keeping watch inside, outside, and around all campuses. Safety-trained staff members will use video surveillance to monitor any common areas.

If needed, the district will have central and support members come to campuses for extra support and supervision of students.

DeSoto ISD also wants limited hallway traffic during the school day and they are asking parents to pick up their students as soon as possible at the end of each day.

Any parents with questions about the changes are asked to reach out to their child's campus.

Other local news:

DeSoto’s offense overwhelms Vandegrift with 42-17 win in 6A-DII title game

ARLINGTON, Texas (KXAN) — It was quite a ride for the Vandegrift Vipers to their first-ever Texas football state championship game, but it came up just short in a 42-17 loss to DeSoto on Saturday at AT&T Stadium.Vandegrift head coach Drew Sanders said DeSoto had a great gameplan coming in and they were able to execute it. This is the best season finished the Vipers have ever had, and even though it didn’t end the way they wanted it to, 2022 is a year to be proud of. ...

ARLINGTON, Texas (KXAN) — It was quite a ride for the Vandegrift Vipers to their first-ever Texas football state championship game, but it came up just short in a 42-17 loss to DeSoto on Saturday at AT&T Stadium.

Vandegrift head coach Drew Sanders said DeSoto had a great gameplan coming in and they were able to execute it. This is the best season finished the Vipers have ever had, and even though it didn’t end the way they wanted it to, 2022 is a year to be proud of.

“After our first loss, our guys practiced like absolute maniacs,” Sanders said. “When we were 0-1, we had no idea it would end up here.”

DeSoto’s swarming defense gave Vandegrift quarterback Brayden Buchanan all kinds of problems and their explosive offense was on full display.

The Eagles averaged 22.5 yards per pass completion and had two 100-yard receivers to rack up 605 total yards. Quarterback DJ Bailey threw for 293 yards on 13-of-17 passing with three touchdowns. Tre Wisner hauled in six passes for 135 yards and two scores while Johntay Cook II had three catches for 103 yards and a score. Both have verbally committed to play football for the Texas Longhorns next season.

DeSoto sophomore Deondrae Riden rushed for 183 yards on 30 carries with three touchdowns to lead a tremendous Eagles offensive attack. Wisner also pitched in 75 rushing yards.

“We saw their speed on tape, and they have violent good running backs and speed on the edge,” Sanders said. “That’s what happened in the first half, we tried to stop the run and we got caught twice outside. They were as fast as I feared.”

Vandegrift hung with DeSoto for a good portion of the game and led 3-0 early in the second quarter after a Hayden Arnold 36-yard field goal. DeSoto took a 21-10 lead into halftime, however, behind touchdowns from Cook, Wisner and Riden in the second frame.

The Vipers cut into DeSoto’s lead after they scored on the first drive of the second half. Running back Alex Witt broke a 20-yard run for a touchdown after he scampered for 22 yards to set it up. Witt’s touchdown with 9:30 left in the third quarter cut the Eagles’ lead to 21-17. It was all Eagles from there, however.

DeSoto scored three unanswered touchdowns to close it out, two rushing scores from Riden and the back-breaker — a 62-yard catch-and-run from Bailey to Wisner early in the fourth quarter.

For Vandegrift, Witt had a great game with 134 yards on 20 carries with two touchdowns. Defensive back Alex Foster had 26 tackles, 12 of them solo, to the lead Vipers’ defense. Buchanan finished 7-for-19 passing for 84 yards and he was sacked five times.

Both teams finished the season 14-2. Sanders got emotional in the postgame press conference when he was asked what this team meant to him.

“I got about 350 text messages after we beat Katy last week, and just about all of them were from former players and parents,” he said. “That leads me to my feelings about this team. Everyone views themselves as some sort of leader and we didn’t deal with any issues off the field. They’ve been super low maintenance, and the results show that. These guys are proud to wear the Vandegrift name.”

Buchanan, who will play baseball at Baylor next year, said this team “cemented a legacy” at the school.

“We surpassed our previous standard, but it just didn’t go our way tonight,” Buchanan said. “Nothin’ but love for the guy in the locker room. What an amazing season.”

It’s DeSoto’s second state championship in school history.

Final: DeSoto 42, Vandegrift 17

10:37 4Q: TOUCHDOWN DESOTO – There’s the back-breaker for Vandegrift. DJ Bailey zips a pass over the middle for Tre Wisner, and Wisner’s elite speed is on full display for a 62-yard touchdown. Wisner has six catches for 135 yards and two touchdowns in the game. PAT good. Eagles 42, Vipers 17

End 3Q: DeSoto 35, Vandegrift 17. The Eagles put two in the end zone from Riden in the quarter to stretch their lead. Vandegrift punted to end the quarter so the Eagles will have the ball to start the fourth.

0:23 3Q: The Vipers dodge a bullet after a reply review overturns a fumble on the field and rules it an incomplete pass. Wow.

1:22 3Q: TOUCHDOWN DESOTO – The Eagles go 91 yards in eight plays and Riden caps it off with a 7-yard run for his third touchdown of the game. A big play on the drive was a 56-yard pass from Bailey to Cook to get the ball into the Vipers’ red zone. PAT good. Eagles 35, Vipers 17

4:09 3Q: Buchanan hits a quick kick that takes a tremendous roll down to the DeSoto 9-yard line to pin the Eagles deep in their own territory.

6:07 3Q: TOUCHDOWN DESOTO – The Eagles answer Vandegrift with a 6-yard touchdown run from Riden. He has 169 rushing yards on 28 carries so far. PAT good. Eagles 28, Vipers 17

9:30 3Q: TOUCHDOWN VANDEGRIFT – The Vipers get exactly what they needed with their first drive of the second half, Alex Witt runs it in from 20 yards out following a 22-yard run to set it up. Witt now has 124 rushing yards on 14 carries and two touchdowns. PAT good. Eagles 21, Vipers 17

12:00 3Q: Vandegrift will receive the second-half kickoff, and let’s see if the Vipers can sustain a drive and get points to open the half.

Halftime: DeSoto 21, Vandegrift 10. DeSoto has fumbled twice inside the 10-yard line but the Eagles have been able to rack up 319 total yards to Vandegrift’s 133.

3:20 2Q: TOUCHDOWN DESOTO – Riden bullies his way into the end through Vandegrift defenders for a 4-yard touchdown run. PAT good. Eagles 21, Vipers 10

4:32 2Q: Vandegrift doesn’t do much on the ensuing offensive drive following the turnover and they have to punt. DeSoto gets great field position on the Vandegrift 44-yard line to start the drive.

6:41 2Q: DeSoto’s Deondrae Riden Jr. coughs up the ball at the 2-yard line going in and the Vipers fall on it. Huge play by Alex Foster to force the fumble and Oliver Yndo jumps on it.

8:42 2Q: TOUCHDOWN VANDEGRIFT – Witt lines up to take the snap and surges behind the big offensive line for a 1-yard touchdown. A much-needed answer by the Vipers there. PAT good after a false start penalty moved it back five yards. Eagles 14, Vipers 10

8:58 2Q: Vandegrift’s Alex Witt gets the edge and bursts 57 yards down the sideline to set the Vipers up in DeSoto’s red zone.

9:19 2Q: TOUCHDOWN DESOTO – The Eagles turn the fumble recovery into points quickly. Bailey fires a pass out to Tre Wisner, another player committed to the Texas Longhorns, and Wisner turn the play into a 10-yard touchdown. Eagles 14, Vipers 3

9:43 2Q: After an officials review, an incomplete pass by Buchanan is overturned to a fumble and DeSoto takes over on the Vandegrift 17-yard line.

11:05 2Q: TOUCHDOWN DESOTO – The Eagles’ offense is lightning fast and they showed it there. DJ Bailey zips a quick pass to Johntay Cook II, and Cook showcases his speed and agility to turn it into a 42-yard touchdown. PAT good. Eagles 7, Vipers 3

11:56 2Q: FIELD GOAL VANDEGRIFT – Arnold knocks a 36-yard kick through the uprights and Vandegrift draws first blood in the 6A-DII title game. Vipers 3, Eagles 0

End 1Q: Vandegrift 0, DeSoto 0. The Vipers have the ball in field goal range on 4th-and-5 from the DeSoto 19-yard line. Perhaps Vandegrift coach Drew Sanders will send his tremendous kicker Hayden Arnold out to try for the game’s first points.

2:28 1Q: Both defenses are playing well early on and the Vipers force another punty by DeSoto. They’ll start with good field position at their own 40-yard line.

4:13 1Q: Vandegrift moves the ball but the drive fizzles out and Buchanan makes a nice quick kick on 4th-and-3 to send the Eagles back to their own 14-yard line to start the drive.

6:03 1Q: The Vipers’ defense makes a stop and forces a DeSoto punt. They’ll take over on their own 21-yard line to start their second offensive drive of the game.

9:02 1Q: Vandegrift goes three-and-out on its first drive without gaining a yard, but a terrific punt by Hudson Lilie and a penalty on the return pins DeSoto on their own 19-yard line.

10:25 1Q: DeSoto was flying down the field with chunk plays and had it in the red zone, but Jaden Trawick fumbled on his first carry of the game and the Vipers jumped on it. Huge play for the Vipers to avoid going down early after DeSoto’s first drive. Vipers take over on their own 21-yard line.

12:00 1Q: Vandegrift wins the coin toss and will defer its option to the second half, so DeSoto will receive the opening kick.

Q&A David “DaWud” Edgerson DeSoto ISD Board Candidate Place 7

As a veteran educator (30+ years), I realize that I am nearing the end of my career. However, I am not near the end of my service to Texas children. My service on the school board will be a natural transition that allows me to continue to advocate on behalf of students and adults.As a new candidate, I hope to collaborate with the entire team of eight in our quest to continue the positive trajectory that DeSoto ISD is on. I intend to strengthen the district’s ability to meet the board goals put in place, while addressing the conc...

As a veteran educator (30+ years), I realize that I am nearing the end of my career. However, I am not near the end of my service to Texas children. My service on the school board will be a natural transition that allows me to continue to advocate on behalf of students and adults.

As a new candidate, I hope to collaborate with the entire team of eight in our quest to continue the positive trajectory that DeSoto ISD is on. I intend to strengthen the district’s ability to meet the board goals put in place, while addressing the concerns of the stakeholders.

To date, all of my donations have come in from individual donors. I anticipate endorsements to arrive shortly.

Show all

Yes. My issues of concern include providing avenues for better student outcomes; Ensuring we take care of the teachers in the district; Focusing on safety and security, to include mental health and emotional well-being of the students and staff; Lastly, we need to have more accountability and responsibility within the financial structure of the district.

I have worked in Houston ISD, Bryan ISD, Waller ISD, and DeSoto ISD. I sponsored the organization Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT). I was on the board of Youth Extinguishing Smoking (YES). I was a coach for the little league basketball team, the Waller Hoopers. I participated in the One DeSot Walk. I participated on a community search team for a missing person. And I served on the DeSoto Charter Review Commission.

Important attributes include: Integrity, honesty, transparency, open communication, and accessibility

The public relations role of the district is to communicate a vision that prioritizes goals based on the vision and values of the district, to communicate to the public the progress measures of the goals put in place, to set a tax base and adopt a budget, and to hire, evaluate, and dismiss the superintendent of the district.

I believe it is important to work as a team of eight. One way to achieve this is to have board retreats. Board training also helps to mitigate differences that may arise from members of the board. Additionally, sticking to policy helps to alleviate differences.

Within the most recent year, the district has done a great job on adopting academic goals and hiring a competent superintendent. Prior to that, the board has done poorly in the area of fiduciary responsibilities.

We need to change the culture of the school district. Students’ behavior changes when adult behavior does. We need to instill pride and virtue back into our curriculum. What do you see as the major issue(s) facing your school district? Public education? 1) The teacher shortage; 2) Violence (both external and internal) within our schools; and 3) Financial shortages due to mismanagement.

I am a firm believer in public schools. I believe that we should invest in our public school system rather than send tax dollars to charter and private programs. The exodus cripples the public school system. It also creates opportunities for substandard and even fraudulent education to occur when we “de-regulate” our traditional school systems.

The greatest capital needs are probably the aging infrastructure of some of our district facilities.

I would look to cut frivolous spending. I would also look to cut in areas where we are top heavy.

Changes should be made in the area of more budgeting, especially with the surplus at the state level. Another change could be how schools are funded. Instead of funding based on Average Daily Attendance or ADA, schools should be funded based upon student enrollment.

Simple transparency and over-communication should be the order of the day. Communication should occur frequently via various mediums, and in multiple languages for the benefit of the stakeholders.

I bring over three decades of experience and training in the field of public education, most of which has occurred at the administrative level. I have served on advisory boards of organizations such as the United Way and the Teacher Preparation Program at Prairie View A&M University. I am trained within Lone Star Governance (LSG), the Texas Education Policy Institute (TEPI), and Leadership ISD.

LSU offers 2027 wide receiver from Desoto, Texas

LSU is looking for talented wide receivers in the future. The Tigers just offered a wide receiver that is going to be a high school freshman this fall....

LSU is looking for talented wide receivers in the future. The Tigers just offered a wide receiver that is going to be a high school freshman this fall.

Ethan Feaster is a 6-foot-165-pound wide receiver from DeSoto, Texas, where he plays for DeSoto High School. The Eagles finished the 2022 season 14-2 with a win over Vandegrift in the UIL 6A D2 state championship game.

Feaster currently has no Crystal Ball projections but Texas A&M is a 35% favorite to land him per On3.

Feaster doesn’t have any film yet, and we will have to wait until next season to see any.









On3 Recruiting

247 Composite



DeSoto, Texas

Projected Position









Offers List

Recruitment Projections


[lawrence-auto-related count=3 category=1391]

Replay: DeSoto races away from Vandegrift in Class 6A Division II state football championship

ARLINGTON — Vandegrift will try and win its first state championship in football when it faces DeSoto for the Class 6A Division II title Saturday at 3 p.m. at AT&T Stadium. The Vipers, from the Leander school district, began varsity play in 2010 under current head coach Drew Sanders and qualified for their f...

ARLINGTON — Vandegrift will try and win its first state championship in football when it faces DeSoto for the Class 6A Division II title Saturday at 3 p.m. at AT&T Stadium. The Vipers, from the Leander school district, began varsity play in 2010 under current head coach Drew Sanders and qualified for their first state title game with a 38-35 win over Katy last week.

More:Overlook him if you dare: Size no factor when Vandegrift's Coleman has game in his hands

DeSoto, a single-high school district just south of Dallas seeking their second state title, are coached by Bartlett native Claude Mathis, one of the top high school players in Austin-area history and a member of the Texas State athletic hall of honor. The Eagles beat Denton Guyer 47-28 last week and boast a star-studded lineup that includes Texas Longhorn commits Tre Wisner at running back and Johntay Cook II at receiver.

Follow along for live updates from today's game.

More:Photos: Vandegrift battles DeSoto for 6A Region II State Title

Final: DeSoto 42, Vandegrift 17

In its first appearance in a state championship football game, Vandegrift falls to a tough and talented DeSoto squad. Texas recruits Tre Wisner and Johntay Cook helped DeSoto to more than 600 yards of offense and give Claude Mathis, a Bartlett native and former LBJ head coach, his first state title as a head coach.

10:37 4Q: DeSoto 42, Vandegrift 17

Vandegrift is playing some future Longhorns, and the Longhorns are winning. RB Tre Wisner, who splits out wide often, hauls in a 62-yard TD catch. He has 6 catches for 132 yards ad 3 TDs along with 79 yards rushing on five carries. Want some more UT comps? How about Eric Metcalf.

End 3Q: DeSoto 35, Vandegrift 17

Vandegrift just punted the ball back to DeSoto, and things look bleak for the Vipers. DeSoto has 514 yards of offense and has run 19 more plays than the Vipers. Can Vandegrift get a few stops?

1:22 3Q: DeSoto 35, Vandegrift 17

Deondrae Riden Jr. gets number three, and is that too much for Vandegrift to overcome? The sophomore runs in from 5 yards out to give DeSoto what may be an insurmountable lead. Johntay Cook, the Texas pledge, hauled in his third catch on the drive and now has 103 yards receiving. He's a downfield threat who plays a bit like Xavier Worthy, to these eyes.

6:04 3Q: DeSoto 28, Vandegrift 17

Deondrae Riden Jr. answers that Vandegrift TD with his second touchdown of the game, this one from 6 yards out There's a reason the 5-10, 190-pound sophomore has offers from schools such as LSU and Texas A&M; a workhorse with breakaway speed, he has 28 carries for 169 yards.

9:30 3Q: DeSoto 21, Vandegrift 17

Vandegrift gets exactly what it needed on the opening drive of the second half. Alex Witt, who has rushed for 129 yards on 14 carries, rips off a 20-yard TD run to pull the Vipers within four points. Can Vandegrift's defense somehow slow down potent DeSoto?

Halftime: DeSoto 21, Vandegrift 10

Vandegrift has to be satisfied down just 11, considering that DeSoto has moved the ball at will. The Eagles have more than 300 yards of offense, including 73 yards rushing, 66 yards receiving and a TD from Texas RB pledge Tre Wisner and two catches for 48 yards and a TD by Texas WR pledge Johntay Cook. Vandegrift has 133 yards of offense, led by 78 yards rushing and a TD from Alex Witt.

3:20 2Q: DeSoto 21, Vandegrift 10

DeSoto RB Deondrae Riden Jr. makes up for his fumble on the previous possession and bulls in from the 4-yard line. That's an impressive sophomore running back. DeSoto offense is in high-octane mode; running a fast tempo, the Eagles have 270 yards of offense and Vandegrift needs to catch its breath on defense.

6:40 2Q: DeSoto 14, Vandegrift 10

Another fumble by DeSoto inside Vandegrift's 10-yard line, and it's Oliver Yndo of Vandegrift on the recovery at the 2-yard line. The Vipers' defense has two takeaways in the shadow of their own goal line, and that's keeping Vandegrift in the game

8:41 2Q: DeSoto 14, Vandegrift 10

Vandegrift answers, and this game is heating up. Alex Witt takes a snap from the wildcat and plows in from 1 yard out. Witt set up his score with a 57-yard run down the right sideline. Both offenses getting untracked.

9:19 2Q: DeSoto 14, Vandegrift 3

And DeSoto takes advantage of the review! Tre Wisner, another Texas pledge, takes a pass from Darius Bailey 10 yards for the score. Vandegrift fans may not be happy but Texas fans are; the two DeSoto recruits for the Longhorns have combined for 150 yards and two TDs.

9:43 2Q: DeSoto 7, Vandegrift 3

Did Vandegrift QB Brayden Buchanan fumble on a sack, or is that an incomplete pass? The UIL uses booth review instant replays in just the state title games, and replay overrules the call on the field of an incomplete pass. The first turnover by Vandegrift has DeSoto set up deep in Viper territory.

11:03 2Q: DeSoto 7, Vandegrift 3

Johntay Cook! There's the playmaking ability that drew countless offers from colleges across the state - including Texas. The 4-star Longhorns pledge takes a pass out in the flat, makes one move, and flashes his elite speed while racing into the end zone for a 42-yard touchdown catch.

11:56 2Q: Vandegrift 3, DeSoto 0

Hayden Arnold nails a 36-yard field-goal attempt to give the Vipers the lead. The senior has had an all-Centex type of season, and it continues in Arlington.

End 1Q: Vandegrift 0, DeSoto 0

Miles Coleman gets loose for a 31-yard gain to move Vandegrift deep into DeSoto territory, but the drive bogs down at the DeSoto 19. It's fourth down for Vandegrift, and might we see kicker Hayden Arnold come on for a 36-yard field-goal attempt? He's had a brilliant year so far and could produce the first points of the title game.

1Q 2:28: Vandegrift 0, DeSoto 0

DeSoto has 122 yards compared to 24 for Vandegrift, but the Vipers' defense has forced back-to-back punts.. The DeSoto secondary is good; so far, dynamic Vandegrift receiver Miles Coleman has had little space,

1Q 6:02: Vandegrift 0, DeSoto 0,

Both defenses have forced punts, and the Vipers get the ball back for the second time. They went 3-and-out on their first drive; let's see how they adjust to a fast, physical DeSoto defense.

1Q 10:24: Vandegrift 0, DeSoto 0,

An immediate turnover! DeSoto driving inside the 10-yard line, but DE Daemian Wimberley forces a fumble by RB Jaden Trawick, and Isaiah Thompson recovers for the Vipers. Vandegrift forces the game's first turnover.

1Q 12:00: Vandegrift 0, DeSoto 0

Let's kick things off. Vandegrift in road whites with silver and black trim and the silver "V" on the black helmet. DeSoto in home green and gold with a green and silver eagle on the golden helmet. DeSoto will get the ball first, and the Vipers defense will immediately see that explosive DeSoto offense.


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