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Disaster Recovery Done Right: Trust Atlas for Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Burleson, TX.

When you own a business, property damage is an unfortunate occurrence that happens all too often. Property damage can be caused by any number of disasters, both natural and man-made. Most often, however, property damage happens from an excess of water. From very heavy rainstorms to broken pipes, water damage can be incredibly harmful not just for your storefront but for your customers.

When water spreads through your commercial property, it happens quickly, causing damage as it moves. At the same time, furnishings and porous materials soak up moisture. In just a short amount of time, you could be dealing with warping, rotting, and even mold growth. That's why water damage remediation is so important - to address your current damage and prevent water from making your business unsafe.

At Atlas National Renovations, we know that dealing with water damage seems like a losing effort on your own. But when you trust our water damage restoration team, you don't have to lose hope. We provide comprehensive water remediation services for businesses of all size in Texas. From the first time we lay eyes on your water damage to the time we mitigate your problem, we're here for you. With a team of IICRC certified technicians and innovative restoration tools at our disposal, we specialize in making your business safe again.

Unlike some of our competitors, we are fiercely dedicated to our clients and aim to exceed their expectations with the highest quality water damage restoration services in Burleson, TX. When water damage hits your business, time is of the essence, which is why we get to work quickly and efficiently by assessing the damage to your property. Once we know the extent of your water damage, we'll consult with you about its severity and detail the next steps you should take so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

With decades of combined experience, there is no disaster cleanup project too complex or large for our team to handle. We assist small businesses, large commercial entities, and even multi-family apartment complexes. Our clients trust Atlas National Renovations to keep them dry, safe, and secure, and it would be our pleasure to help do the same for you.

In addition to our reliability and quality of work, our customers choose us over others because we offer:

Service Areas

Fair, Accurate Work Estimates

We drain water from your property, not money from your bank account.

Clear, Constant Communication

When you work with Atlas, you're never left wondering what's happening with your commercial property.

Detailed Deadlines and Schedules

We're meticulous about sticking to schedules and meeting deadlines. You can always expect us to be on time and ready to work.

Experienced Project Managers

We assign seasoned, hardworking project managers for each of our projects. When you work with Atlas, you're working with the best.

Courteous and Knowledgeable Leadership

Excellence starts at the top, and our leadership team is the best in the business.

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What is Water Damage Restoration in in Burleson, TX

If you're currently dealing with serious water damage from a flood, broken pipe, or other cause, you're probably not sure what to do next. While it's understandable to feel panicky, it's important that you have the water removed as quickly as possible. When structural damage and health hazards are at play, time is of the essence. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will get. The damage you see with your eyes is usually the tip of the iceberg - most water damage gets deep in your carpets and walls fast.

Atlas' water damage restoration services are focused on restoring and repairing the damage that water causes to commercial property. The primary purpose of our restoration services is to return your property to the condition it was in prior to the damage. Once your water damage has been mitigated, our team swoops in to begin the restoration process.

Depending on the scope and severity of your water damage, common water damage restoration services can include:

  • Damaged Flooring and Wall Replacement
  • Damaged Roof Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Humidity and Moisture Testing

While little can be done to predict natural disasters, there are common signs you can keep an eye on to prevent serious water damage from occurring.

Disaster Recovery Burleson, TX

Common Signs of Commercial Water Damage in Burleson, TX

There's no convenient time to be sidelined with water damage when it comes to your commercial property and business. Water damage to your commercial or industrial property is particularly devastating because every hour that your business is closed means lost revenue and productivity. You do not just have to deal with damage to the structural integrity of your building - you have to deal with the disruption of service to your loyal customers.

The good news? Atlas is here when you need us most, with a team of highly-trained technicians and unmatched water damage restoration expertise. We're ready to tackle your problem and solve it in an efficient, effective manner, so you can keep your doors open and your clients happy.

As a business owner, you know that one of the best ways to prevent a disaster is to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand. For that reason, keep an eye out for the following signs of water damage to your commercial property:

 Renovations Burleson, TX
Look for Mold

Look for Mold:

Mold can begin to grow just a day or two after water has taken hold of your business. If you see small signs of mold growth in an area where you suspect a leak, contact Atlas National Renovations ASAP to diagnose the problem.

Check Your Pipes

Check Your Pipes:

If it's safe to do so, check out the piping inside and outside your commercial property. You want to keep a keen eye out for oxidation and corrosion around pipe fixtures. While you're at it, check your water heater for rust too. Corrosion or rust is a telltale sign of a water leak.

Check for Rings

Check for Rings:

Dark spots on walls and ceilings usually indicate water damage. If you see rings around a stain, the damage is probably older. Several rings with different shades of color mean an intermittent issue, where the area has been soaked and dried several times.

Understand Your Property

Understand Your Property:

This is more of a suggestion than a sign. As the commercial property owner, you should know your building's pipe system. You should know what is old and new and what areas may be at risk for water damage. Keep an extra-close eye on areas that have a higher potential for leaks, especially during rainstorms.

Benefits of Commercial Water Damage Restoration
in Burleson, TX

When water invades your business or commercial property, you don't have much time to ponder your next course of action. While some business owners opt to try DIY water damage restoration, in most cases, they end up with more damage and expenses than before their leak. For the most effective, comprehensive solution to water damage, it's important that you hire a professional. At Atlas National Renovations, our primary focus is assisting business owners and commercial property managers with water damage restoration. We've been doing it for years, and we can help you too.

Here are just a few of the most common benefits we hear from past customers:

 Apartment Renovations Burleson, TX
Safe Shopping Experience

Safe Shopping Experience

If you own a business, the health and safety of your customers is of utmost importance. When water damage occurs inside your storefront, you could be dealing with more than property damage. Depending on the severity of your issue, contaminants and microorganisms may be present, putting your customers' health at risk. When you trust a professional water damage restoration company like Atlas to remediate your water leak, you're not just putting a stop to the leak. Our team will clean and sanitize your business, making it safe for customers to continue shopping at your store.

Quick Response Time

Quick Response Time

Water damage can create unbearable conditions in your commercial property. As such, your water restoration company must be quick to respond. Professional water damage companies like Atlas respond quickly and can clean up water, dry and disinfect the area, and make necessary repairs. Because we have an entire team of pros and industry-leading equipment, we can be on site in minutes.

Less Damage, Better Costs

Less Damage, Better Costs

Water damage can be very expensive. Sometimes, it only takes a couple of hours to result in heavy losses. How soon you call the experts could mean the difference between painting over a water stain and having to rebuild an entire area of damaged drywall. When you call Atlas immediately, clients often reduce the cost of water damage restoration and overall building damage.

Capital Expenditure Services

In addition to our disaster recovery services, we also offer large-scale upgrades and improvements for your capital expenditures. If you own or manage a large commercial building or a multi-family property, you need to make sure your capital expenditures maintain present operating levels and foster your company's future growth.

At Atlas National Renovations, class A, B, and C properties are our bread and butter. We take the time to understand our customer's needs and expectations from the start so we can deliver outstanding results. If you're looking for a top-tier contractor to do the job right the first time, look no further than Atlas. Our customers love our team because we make large, highly-complicated projects easy to finish.

If you're looking to invest in the future of your business, know that we are here to help with projects like these:

  • High Volume Unit Upgrades and Improvements
  • Amenity Upgrades and Conversions
  • Common Area Improvements
  • High Volume Carpet, LVT, and Tile Installation
  • Courtyards and Hardscapes
  • Package Room and Mail Center Upgrades and Additions
  • Fitness Center Upgrades and Improvements
  • Dog Parks and Pet Stations
  • Signage Improvements and Additions
  • LED Lighting and Electrical Upgrades

Fitness Center Upgrades
and Improvements

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Multi-Family Building Deficiencies and Restoration Services

New multi-family properties are entering the market every day. That means that older communities must be renovated to keep up with modern demands and tenant needs. Upgrades to amenities, aesthetics and even structural changes help assets stay up-to-date. At the same time, damages from leaks and storms must be addressed. If you're a multi-family property manager or owner, and need unmatched restoration capability, Atlas National Renovations is here to serve you.

We specialize in cutting-edge, high-quality ways to achieve your renovation goals - for your tenants but also for your corporate leaders and management team. After all, a successful multi-family renovation benefits all parties.

We currently work with the top multi-family groups across our state. Unlike some multi-family renovation companies in Texas, our team understands the inner workings of the multi-family environment. Our customers appreciate our accommodations to their residents, maintenance team, leasing team, corporate leaders, and beyond. We're proud to say we know multi-family, inside and out, and have the credentials to back up those claims.

When crafting a multi-family restoration plan, we always consider your tenant's demographics, your building's curb appeal, property age, and energy efficiency. Whether you need to have significant updates applied to an older property or need a water damage inspection for a brand-new building, we can help.

Here is a quick glance at some of the multi-family renovations that our team handles:

  • Leak Detection and Water Intrusion Investigation
  • Exterior Sealants and Waterproofing
  • Large Interior and Exterior Paint Projects
  • Stucco Remediation and Exterior Facade Re-Clads
  • Full Property Exterior Repaints
  • Concrete and Flatwork
  • Corridor and Common Area Painting
  • Roof Replacement

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Water damage restoration is a crucial, complex process that must be completed properly to save your business from serious damage. Choosing the right professional is equally important, especially when your customers' health is on the line. Whether you need large-scale commercial restoration or quick, effective water damage cleanup for your storefront business, know that we are only a phone call away. Contact our friendly team of experts to learn more about Atlas National Renovations and how we clean up your water damage mess better than the rest.

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Latest News in Burleson, TX

Burleson ISD Welcomes Students Back to School With Parody Music Video

Wednesday is the first day of school for Burleson ISD, and the district did Something Good to pump up the excitement and energy.It kicked off the new school year with Our Town, a song parody of the 2002 hit My Town from Montgomery Gentry.The lyrics sung by homegrown Andrew Dolan and the Dolan Band are all about the Johnson County town of 47,000."We were so honored to be able to be a part of celebrating our amazing town and the people in it!" Dolan said in a ...

Wednesday is the first day of school for Burleson ISD, and the district did Something Good to pump up the excitement and energy.

It kicked off the new school year with Our Town, a song parody of the 2002 hit My Town from Montgomery Gentry.

The lyrics sung by homegrown Andrew Dolan and the Dolan Band are all about the Johnson County town of 47,000.

"We were so honored to be able to be a part of celebrating our amazing town and the people in it!" Dolan said in a news release. "I'm excited for a great school year and thrilled that my son will get to be a part of such an amazing district! We love our Burleson, TX!"

The video shows off city landmarks and celebrates the district and its 12,500-plus students.

The 1,400 administrators, teachers, and staff members got to see the video first at convocation last week.

The Our Town parody is the fifth of its kind for the district.

In August 2019, Superintendent Bret Jimerson, trustees, and principals rapped to Lil Nas X's megahit "Old Town Road," after showcasing their dance moves to a parody of Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling" in 2018.

To kick off the 2017-18 school year, Superintendent Bret Jimerson, Trustee Pat Worrell, and principals pumped up employees with "Burleson ISD, That's What I Like," a parody to Bruno Mars' summer hit.

For the 2016-17 school year, Superintendent Bret Jimerson and School Board Trustee Pat Worrell helped teachers get into a "BURLESON STATE OF MIND" with a parody of Jay Z's "Empire State of Mind" rap. The video celebrated new and historical places in Burleson.

"Each year, we set the tone for the excitement and energy that goes on inside Burleson ISD," said Dr. Bret Jimerson, BISD Superintendent in a news release. "This year, we highlighted the sense of community our students and staff experience by being a part of 'Our Town,' putting clips from this past year to music played by Burleson's own Andrew Dolan and the Dolan Band."

You can watch Burleson ISD Our Town here.

And sing along with lyrics provided by the district:

There's an exit sign for Renfro 'round the cornerYou can't miss it it's the first thing that you seeJust up the road's the city water towerBy the backroad that's covered with green treesHey that's my alma mater by the courthouseAnd bands play in Old Town when the sun goes downAnd this is my town

Nah na nah nah nahYea this is my townNah na nah nah nah

Hey where I was bornWhere I was raisedWhere I keep all my yesterdaysWhere I went off, played in the bandI got that education, manWhere I came back to settle downIt's where I'll always be around

This is my townNah na nah nah nahYea this is my town

Well I'm cruising Wilshire with the windows downSchool's about to start - excitement's in the airAnd in the city plaza, families gather 'roundYou can't miss it - everyone is thereWe're off to watch some football at the stadiumAnd if we want a seat we better leave right now

So stick aroundAnd soon you'll know,this is Our Town

Nah na nah nah nahYea this is my townNah na nah nah nah

Burleson Centennial Joins 5A Top 10 With Win Over Ryan, Texas HS Football Rankings for Week 7, Oct. 6-8

Below are Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine and TexasFootball.com's high school rankings after Week 6, distributed by The Associated Press, for Class 6A through 1A including private schools.Galena Park North Shore remains No. 1 in the Class 6A Texas Football high school rankings after winning a top 25 matchup against Humble Summer Creek. Duncanville (5-0) stays in the No. 3 spot with a win over Waxahachie and Carroll (6-0) remains in No. 4 with a 3-point win over Keller. Guyer, Allen and Martin were all idle and remain in their ...

Below are Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine and TexasFootball.com's high school rankings after Week 6, distributed by The Associated Press, for Class 6A through 1A including private schools.

Galena Park North Shore remains No. 1 in the Class 6A Texas Football high school rankings after winning a top 25 matchup against Humble Summer Creek. Duncanville (5-0) stays in the No. 3 spot with a win over Waxahachie and Carroll (6-0) remains in No. 4 with a 3-point win over Keller. Guyer, Allen and Martin were all idle and remain in their spots. Highland Park (6-0) beat Berkner but dropped from 12th to 14th.

In Class 5A, Timberview was idle and remains No. 2 in Division I. Burleson Centennial (6-0) entered the Top 10 for the first time this season with a 23-16 win over No. 3 Denton Ryan, who dropped out of top rankings.

In Class 5A Division II, Argyle remains the top-ranked team with a win over Lake Dallas and Grapevine (5-1) holds on to the No. 5 spot with a lopsided 70-0 win over FW Poly. The Mustangs weren't the only team to blank their opponent this week, No. 10-ranked Dallas South Oak Cliff (4-3) beat Dallas Kimball 56-0.

In 4A, Stephenville (idle) holds the top spot and Celina holds on to No. 6 with a 73-0 win over North Dallas.



Rank School (Record) Week 6 Prv rank1 Galena Park North Shore (6-0) W: Humble Summer Creek, 34-27 12 Austin Westlake (6-0) W: Austin Anderson, 66-17 23 Duncanville (5-0) W: Waxahachie, 24-7 44 Southlake Carroll (6-0) W: Keller, 38-35 35 Katy (7-0) W: Katy Paetow, 54-0 56 Denton Guyer (6-0) Idle 67 Humble Atascocita (5-1) W: Beaumont United, 38-0 78 Cibolo Steele (6-0) W: New Braunfels, 42-24 89 Allen (5-1) Idle 910 Arlington Martin (5-1) Idle 1011 DeSoto (5-1) W: Mansfield Legacy, 56-7 1112 Spring Westfield (5-1) W: Aldine Nimitz, 63-20 1413 Alvin Shadow Creek (6-0) W: Alief Elsik, 62-7 1514 Dallas Highland Park (6-0) W: Richardson Berkner, 38-17 1215 SA Northside Brennan (5-1) W: SA Northside Warren, 33-30 1316 Dripping Springs (6-0) W: Austin Akins, 67-6 1617 Austin Vandegrift (5-1) W: Round Rock McNeil, 57-0 1718 Prosper (5-1) Idle 1819 Round Rock (6-0) W: Manor, 17-7 1920 Rockwall (6-1) W: Royse City, 50-24 2021 Klein Collins (6-0) W: Tomball Memorial, 61-49 2222 Trophy Club Nelson (6-0) W: Haltom, 65-7 2323 North Crowley (6-0) W: Saginaw Boswell, 21-17 2424 New Caney (6-0) W: Conroe, 50-28 NR25 Humble Summer Creek (3-3) L: Galena Park North Shore, 34-27 25

Dropped out: No. 21 Klein Cain


Rank School (Record) Week 6 Prv rank1 Longview (6-0) W: Forney, 46-7 12 Mansfield Timberview (6-0) Idle 23 College Station (5-1) W: Cedar Park, 17-0 44 Port Arthur Memorial (6-0) W: La Porte, 54-34 55 Aledo (5-2) W: FW South Hills, 68-0 66 Burleson Centennial (6-0) W: Denton Ryan, 23-16 NR7 Frisco Reedy (7-0) W: Frisco Lebanon Trail, 55-29 78 Lancaster (4-2) W: Tyler, 55-9 99 Amarillo Tascosa (6-1) W: Lubbock Monterey, 21-10 810 Richmond Foster (6-1) W: Fort Bend Kempner, 45-0 10

Dropped out: No. 3 Denton Ryan


Rank School (Record) Week 6 Prv rank1 Argyle (6-0) W: Lake Dallas, 30-14 12 Fort Bend Marshall (5-1) W: Texas City, 40-0 33 Liberty Hill (6-1) W: SA Veterans Memorial, 56-49 24 Texarkana Texas (5-1) Idle 45 Grapevine (5-1) W: FW Polytechnic, 70-0 56 Midlothian Heritage (5-1) W: Mansfield Summit, 44-20 67 Montgomery Lake Creek (7-0) W: Rosenberg Lamar Consolidated, 67-0 78 WF Rider (4-2) W: Abilene Cooper, 51-21 89 SA Alamo Heights (5-1) W: SA Jefferson, 56-6 910 Dallas South Oak Cliff (4-3) W: Dallas Kimball, 56-0 10

Dropped out: None


Rank School (Record) Week 6 Prv rank1 Stephenville (6-0) Idle 12 China Spring (6-1) W: Alvarado, 59-17 23 CC Calallen (7-0) W: La Feria, 71-20 34 Boerne (6-0) W: Uvalde, 62-7 45 Anna (6-0) W: Mabank, 40-0 56 Celina (5-1) W: North Dallas, 73-0 67 Lumberton (5-1) W: Splendora, 52-10 78 Kaufman (5-1) W: Paris, 34-14 89 Canyon (6-0) Idle 910 Kilgore (5-2) W: Lindale, 49-35 NR

Dropped out: No. 10 Lindale


Rank School (Record) Week 6 Prv rank1 Carthage (7-0) W: Canton, 49-0 12 Gilmer (5-0) W: Texarkana Pleasant Grove, 35-14 23 Cuero (5-1) W: Giddings, 56-2 44 Silsbee (6-0) Idle 55 Bellville (7-0) W: Brookshire Royal, 48-3 66 Wimberley (6-0) W: Jarrell, 73-14 77 Texarkana Pleasant Grove (4-2) L: Gilmer, 35-14 38 WF Hirschi (4-1) vs Graham:, Suspended 89 Glen Rose (5-1) W: Venus, 69-0 910 Aubrey (5-2) W: Van Alstyne, 35-14 10

Dropped out: None


Rank School (Record) Week 6 Prv rank1 Franklin (6-0) Idle 12 Columbus (7-0) W: Hallettsville, 35-13 33 Grandview (5-1) W: Dallas Gateway, 73-14 44 Bushland (7-0) W: Muleshoe, 34-0 65 Malakoff (6-1) W: Teague, 32-18 56 Breckenridge (6-0) W: Iowa Park, 42-0 77 Winnsboro (7-0) W: Mount Vernon, 28-14 88 Llano (7-0) W: Universal City Randolph, 21-14 99 Cameron Yoe (4-2) W: Little River Academy, 48-13 1010 Brock (2-4) Idle NR

Dropped out: No. 2 Mount Vernon


Rank School (Record) Week 6 Prv rank1 Gunter (5-0) W: Bells, 24-14 12 Holliday (6-0) W: Valley View, 55-0 23 Newton (6-1) W: Hemphill, 34-0 34 Canadian (4-2) W: Childress, 62-28 55 Bells (4-2) L: Gunter, 24-14 46 New London West Rusk (4-2) W: Winona, 63-0 67 Poth (5-1) W: South SA West Campus, 77-0 78 Palmer (6-0) W: Scurry-Rosser, 28-7 89 Lexington (6-0) W: Florence, 61-0 910 Wall (5-1) W: San Angelo Grape Creek, 68-0 10

Dropped out: None


Rank School (Record) Week 6 Prv rank1 Timpson (6-0) Idle 12 Hawley (6-0) W: Colorado City, 61-7 23 Crawford (6-0) W: Marlin, 33-21 34 Shiner (6-1) W: Three Rivers, 67-7 45 Refugio (6-1) W: Skidmore-Tynan 60-0 56 Stratford (6-0) W: Farwell, 40-7 77 Tolar (6-0) W: Coleman, 16-6 98 Cisco (6-1) W: Olney, 34-15 89 Centerville (4-2) W: Saratoga West Hardin, 46-14 1010 Coleman (5-2) L: Tolar, 16-6 6

Dropped out: None


Rank School (Record) Week 6 Prv rank1 Mart (7-0) W: Frost, 56-0 12 Burton (6-0) W: Louise, 54-7 23 Wellington (5-1) W: Shamrock, 36-0 34 Wink (6-0) W: Eldorado, 49-7 45 Chilton (6-0) W: Bremond, 41-30 56 Price Carlisle (6-0) W: Tenaha 48-0 67 Santo (6-0) W: Chico, 40-6 78 Albany (4-2) W Miles, 49-18 99 Granger (5-1) W: Iola, 38-0 1010 Bremond (5-1) L: Chilton, 41-30 8

Dropped out: None


Rank School (Record) Week 6 Prv rank1 Abbott (7-0) W: Aquilla, 48-0 12 Westbrook (5-1) W: Highland, 50-0 23 May (6-0) W: Evant, 60-0 34 Jonesboro (6-1) W: Lometa, 57-8 45 Rankin (6-1) W: Ackerly Sands, 56-8 56 Happy (5-1) W: McLean, 58-6 67 Garden City (6-1) W: Lenorah Grady, 70-20 78 Mertzon Irion County (5-0) Idle 89 Gordon (6-0) W: Gorman, 60-14 910 Medina (7-0) W: Prairie Lea, 46-0 10

Dropped out: None


Rank School (Record) Week 6 Prv rank1 Benjamin (6-0) W: Paducah, 66-19 12 Cherokee (6-0) W: Richland Springs, 78-47 33 Balmorhea (5-1) Idle 44 Oglesby (7-0) W: Bronte, 66-20 55 Richland Springs (4-1) L: Cherokee, 78-47 26 Loraine (6-1) W: O'Donnell, 50-42 67 Sanderson (6-0) W: Sierra Blanca, 52-44 78 Whitharral (6-1) W: Hart, 54-8 89 Rising Star (6-1) W: Trent, 76-0 1010 Silverton (5-2) W: Lefors, 63-13 NR

Dropped out: No. 9 Paducah


Rank School (Record) Week 6 Prv rank1 Dallas Parish Episcopal (5-1) W: Dallas Bishop Lynch, 44-0 12 Austin Regents (6-0) W: Brownsville St. Joseph, 38-28 23 Houston St. Thomas (6-0) W: SA Central Catholic, 35-18 34 Episcopal School of Dallas (6-0) Idle 45 Argyle Liberty Christian (6-1) W: FW Christian, 44-34 NR

Dropped out: No. 5 FW Christian


Rank School (Record) Week 6 Prv rank1 Conroe Covenant (7-0) W: Houston St. Francis, forfeit 12 Pasadena First Baptist (6-0) W: Houston Westbury Christian, 69-12 23 Lucas Christian (7-0) W: Plano Coram Deo, 54-16 34 Baytown Christian (6-0) Idle 45 FW Covenant Classical (5-1) W: Midland Trinity, 58-8 5

Dropped out: None

Lost Oak Winery Named a Top Texas Wedding Venue, Encourages Couples to Plan Ahead

A leading Texas winery for two decades, Lost Oak is becoming known as a top wedding venue.Featured Image for Lost OakBURLESON, Texas, Jan. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ...

A leading Texas winery for two decades, Lost Oak is becoming known as a top wedding venue.

Featured Image for Lost Oak

BURLESON, Texas, Jan. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lost Oak Winery, recently named by Wedding Wire as a top wedding venue in the Burleson, Texas, region, encourages people to book their weddings in advance of peak wedding season.

Lost Oak Winery was rated as one of the top four wedding venues in the Burleson area, a suburb of Fort Worth. Lost Oak also has made the national spotlight by being featured in an episode of the TLC Network series Four Weddings.

"We're thrilled to have Lost Oak Winery recognized for the beautiful venue it is and for the services that our staff delivers to wedding parties," said Roxanne Myers, president of Lost Oak Winery.

"With our indoor and outdoor venue and some special options, we provide both elegance and flexibility for couples looking for a perfect place for their special day. With the two peak seasons for weddings in our region just ahead - March to May and September to November - we encourage people to plan ahead," she added.

Lost Oak Winery offers multiple sites for ceremonies across its acres of cultivated vineyards and mature oak trees and a picturesque wooden footbridge.

For receptions, the Lost Oak Event Center features a large open event space with high ceilings and stained concrete floors, large bay windows with panoramic vineyard and pond views, a dance floor, a cocktail room, bride and groom suites, and comfortably accommodates up to 200 guests.

Amenities for guests include being greeted with a complimentary glass of wine upon arrival, and outdoor ceremony sites include white garden chairs and wine barrels, while inside there are round guest tables with mahogany Chiavari chairs, wine barrel service bars, and barrel cocktail tables covered with linens. In addition, private bride and groom suites are stocked with wine, sodas, water, and cheese platters for the future husband and wife while getting ready for the ceremony.

Madeleine Moench

This content was issued through the .

Swig Continues to Pop Up Around the DFW Metroplex

Burleson, TX (RestaurantNews.com) Swig — the one-of-a-kind, Utah-born customizable drink shop — is continuing to take over the taste buds of Texans across Dallas-Fort Worth with its third store opening in the area on Friday, Oct. 7, in Burleson.Located at 1611 SW Wilshire Blvd., inside the Kroger parking lot, the viral Dirt...

Burleson, TX (RestaurantNews.com) Swig — the one-of-a-kind, Utah-born customizable drink shop — is continuing to take over the taste buds of Texans across Dallas-Fort Worth with its third store opening in the area on Friday, Oct. 7, in Burleson.

Located at 1611 SW Wilshire Blvd., inside the Kroger parking lot, the viral Dirty™ Soda creator will celebrate its grand opening with free drinks on Oct.7-9 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Burleson’s new go-to spot for colorful, carbonated refreshments will serve Swig’s signature soda, as well as Refreshers, Revivers, boba teas, sweet teas, hot chocolate and treats.

“We couldn’t be happier with the warm reception and southern hospitality we’ve received across North Texas, so we’re excited to continue our rapid growth in the area,” said Swig VP of Operations Chase Wardrop. “The Burleson community will now be able to mix and match their favorite fountain drink with a wide combination of our signature flavors, creams, purees and fresh fruits. Swig has something to satisfy everyone’s sweet and savory cravings, and we can’t wait to share these creations in Burleson.”

When Burleson’s new Swig opens, it will mark the 45th location systemwide. Swig currently operates in Arizona, Idaho, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah. It opened its first Texas location in Fairview earlier this year with plans to have 70 locations in six states by the end of 2023.

To learn more about Swig and to view the full menu, visit swigdrinks.com.

About Swig

Swig, home of the Dirty™ Soda, was founded in 2010 in St. George, Utah. Owner and Founder Nicole Tanner was brainstorming one night about possible business ideas and the two came up with the idea for a drive-by drink shop that had customized flavors added to its drinks. From that small beginning, Swig has expanded into multiple states, becoming thousands of people’s go-to destination for personalized sodas, customized energy drinks, boba teas, cookies and other sweets. Swig is part of Savory Fund, a management group that infuses exciting startup brands with capital and pairs them with its team of 65 industry veterans who have expertise in everything from real estate, development and construction to store operations, procurement, technology, recruiting, training and finance. For more information, visit swigdrinks.com and follow Swig on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

About Savory Fund

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Burleson Centennial downs cross-town rival Burleson to win back Battle of the Boot

Burleson Centennial is known for its option-offense attack and when its running on all cylinders, it can be a match up nightmare, as the case against Burleson in Friday’s season opener.Quarterback Phillip Hamilton led the charge for coach Kyle Geller’s attack as Centennial rushed for 400 yards on its way to a convincing 42-13 victory in the 11th edition of Battle of the Boot at Burleson ISD Stadium.Centennial (1-0), ...

Burleson Centennial is known for its option-offense attack and when its running on all cylinders, it can be a match up nightmare, as the case against Burleson in Friday’s season opener.

Quarterback Phillip Hamilton led the charge for coach Kyle Geller’s attack as Centennial rushed for 400 yards on its way to a convincing 42-13 victory in the 11th edition of Battle of the Boot at Burleson ISD Stadium.

Centennial (1-0), No. 8 in the Fort Worth-area Class 5A preseason rankings, takes back the boot trophy after Burleson (0-1) routed the Spartans last season, which snapped their three-game winning streak in the series.

“Happy with a lot of things, obviously. The defense, other than a couple of big plays, had a good night. Like the vibe of our team,” Geller said.

With the win on Friday, Centennial takes the all-time series lead with a 6-5 record.

“All week we went in with a plan. Everything they ran we had an answer to. Coach Geller called a great game from the o-line to the receivers and d-line, we all executed,” Hamilton said.

Centennial’s defense had allowed 28 points per game last season, but the Spartans’ D play phenomenal behind Aidan Hicks and 3-star Texas Tech committed defensive back Chapman Lewis.

Lewis, who is No. 27 in the Star-Telegram Top 100, ranks in the Top 60 of all 2023 safeties in the country, according to 247Sports. He made several tackles on the night, including one that saved a touchdown ith 9:27 left in the fourth quarter. He is one of at least three defensive backs in the Fort Worth-area to be committed to Tech, joining Mansfield’s Brenden Jordan and Mansfield Timberview’s Jordan Sanford.

“Last year the score was like this, but the other way around. It was kind of embarrassing,” Lewis. “Feels so good to bring back the boot. Everyone at school was talking about it.

Both teams didn’t score on their opening drives, but Centennial still looked more crisp than Burleson.

The Spartans ran nine plays for 40 yards while the Elks had a 5-yard pass, two incomplete passes, a 5-yard penalty and a 15-yard penalty. The Spartans answered the bell with a 10-yard touchdown run from Jahiem Ababio off the pitch from Hamilton to give them a 7-0 lead with 4:38 left in the first quarter.

Three plays into the ensuing Burleson drive, Hicks picked off the first of two pass attempts in the first half and Centennial would turn it into points. On the Burleson 30, Hamilton rushed for 10 and 2 yards, and then made a heck of a play by breaking three tackles toward an 18-yard touchdown to make it 14-0 with 2:11 to go in the frame.

“Aidan is just a really tough kid. He’s played varsity football since his freshman year. He’s not afraid to put himself out there and make a play,” Geller said.

Hicks was able to get his second interception, but Centennial didn’t manage points.

“Hicks is a year younger than me and he’s a great player. He had two picks, a great punt return so look out for Aidan Hicks. You’ll be hearing his name a lot,” Lewis said.

Burleson got on the board with four minutes remaining in the half when sophomore quarterback JT Kitna hit Chase Torres for an 11-yard touchdown, Kitna’s first varsity score.

Kitna played just one game on varsity last season when Burleson went to the second round of the playoffs. Kitna is the son of Burleson coach Jon Kitna, who played 13 seasons in the NFL that included a stint with the Dallas Cowboys. The Elks were led by 5-star QB Dylan Raiola, who made the Star-Telegram all-area team.

Raiola is committed to Ohio State and the No. 1 ranked 2024 QB in the nation, but has moved to Chandler, Arizona.

Centennial got one more score in before intermission.

Jaosn Echavarria burst for a 21-yard gain, Hamilton had a 19-yard run and Elijah Zeh added a 13-yard rush before Hamitlon scored from 12 yards out to bring the score to 21-6 Spartans.

Hamilton had 91 yards on 12 carries in the first half. Centennial had 239 yards on the ground in the opening 24 minutes. Hamilton, No. 100 in the Star-Telegram Top 100, finished with over 120 yards rushing. He added a 36-yard scoring toss to Ababio in the third quarter and a 2-yard run late in the game.

“Phillip can throw the ball too, he’s not just a runner. But you expect it from a four-year starter. We expect a lot of great things from him,” Geller said.

Zeh scored on a 50-yard run and also finished with over 100 yards rushing. Ababio had 57 yards on the ground while Jason Echavarria added 51. Keyshaun Tucker chipped in 48.

Burleson also scored in the third on a 90-yard toss from Kitna to Mason Ferguson. Kitna finished with 194 yards passing and Ferguson made four catches for 129 yards.

“Our defense came out and let up 13 points. Any time you can give up only 13 points in a game, it looks good,” Hamilton said. “400 yards, that’s what we do, that’s our tradition. We’re going to run it, we’re going to run hard and play for each other.”

This story was originally published August 26, 2022, 10:13 PM.


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