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Disaster Recovery Done Right: Trust Atlas for Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Duncanville, TX.

When you own a business, property damage is an unfortunate occurrence that happens all too often. Property damage can be caused by any number of disasters, both natural and man-made. Most often, however, property damage happens from an excess of water. From very heavy rainstorms to broken pipes, water damage can be incredibly harmful not just for your storefront but for your customers.

When water spreads through your commercial property, it happens quickly, causing damage as it moves. At the same time, furnishings and porous materials soak up moisture. In just a short amount of time, you could be dealing with warping, rotting, and even mold growth. That's why water damage remediation is so important - to address your current damage and prevent water from making your business unsafe.

At Atlas National Renovations, we know that dealing with water damage seems like a losing effort on your own. But when you trust our water damage restoration team, you don't have to lose hope. We provide comprehensive water remediation services for businesses of all size in Texas. From the first time we lay eyes on your water damage to the time we mitigate your problem, we're here for you. With a team of IICRC certified technicians and innovative restoration tools at our disposal, we specialize in making your business safe again.

Unlike some of our competitors, we are fiercely dedicated to our clients and aim to exceed their expectations with the highest quality water damage restoration services in Duncanville, TX. When water damage hits your business, time is of the essence, which is why we get to work quickly and efficiently by assessing the damage to your property. Once we know the extent of your water damage, we'll consult with you about its severity and detail the next steps you should take so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

With decades of combined experience, there is no disaster cleanup project too complex or large for our team to handle. We assist small businesses, large commercial entities, and even multi-family apartment complexes. Our clients trust Atlas National Renovations to keep them dry, safe, and secure, and it would be our pleasure to help do the same for you.

In addition to our reliability and quality of work, our customers choose us over others because we offer:

Service Areas

Fair, Accurate Work Estimates

We drain water from your property, not money from your bank account.

Clear, Constant Communication

When you work with Atlas, you're never left wondering what's happening with your commercial property.

Detailed Deadlines and Schedules

We're meticulous about sticking to schedules and meeting deadlines. You can always expect us to be on time and ready to work.

Experienced Project Managers

We assign seasoned, hardworking project managers for each of our projects. When you work with Atlas, you're working with the best.

Courteous and Knowledgeable Leadership

Excellence starts at the top, and our leadership team is the best in the business.

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What is Water Damage Restoration in in Duncanville, TX

If you're currently dealing with serious water damage from a flood, broken pipe, or other cause, you're probably not sure what to do next. While it's understandable to feel panicky, it's important that you have the water removed as quickly as possible. When structural damage and health hazards are at play, time is of the essence. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will get. The damage you see with your eyes is usually the tip of the iceberg - most water damage gets deep in your carpets and walls fast.

Atlas' water damage restoration services are focused on restoring and repairing the damage that water causes to commercial property. The primary purpose of our restoration services is to return your property to the condition it was in prior to the damage. Once your water damage has been mitigated, our team swoops in to begin the restoration process.

Depending on the scope and severity of your water damage, common water damage restoration services can include:

  • Damaged Flooring and Wall Replacement
  • Damaged Roof Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Humidity and Moisture Testing

While little can be done to predict natural disasters, there are common signs you can keep an eye on to prevent serious water damage from occurring.

Disaster Recovery Duncanville, TX

Common Signs of Commercial Water Damage in Duncanville, TX

There's no convenient time to be sidelined with water damage when it comes to your commercial property and business. Water damage to your commercial or industrial property is particularly devastating because every hour that your business is closed means lost revenue and productivity. You do not just have to deal with damage to the structural integrity of your building - you have to deal with the disruption of service to your loyal customers.

The good news? Atlas is here when you need us most, with a team of highly-trained technicians and unmatched water damage restoration expertise. We're ready to tackle your problem and solve it in an efficient, effective manner, so you can keep your doors open and your clients happy.

As a business owner, you know that one of the best ways to prevent a disaster is to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand. For that reason, keep an eye out for the following signs of water damage to your commercial property:

 Renovations Duncanville, TX
Look for Mold

Look for Mold:

Mold can begin to grow just a day or two after water has taken hold of your business. If you see small signs of mold growth in an area where you suspect a leak, contact Atlas National Renovations ASAP to diagnose the problem.

Check Your Pipes

Check Your Pipes:

If it's safe to do so, check out the piping inside and outside your commercial property. You want to keep a keen eye out for oxidation and corrosion around pipe fixtures. While you're at it, check your water heater for rust too. Corrosion or rust is a telltale sign of a water leak.

Check for Rings

Check for Rings:

Dark spots on walls and ceilings usually indicate water damage. If you see rings around a stain, the damage is probably older. Several rings with different shades of color mean an intermittent issue, where the area has been soaked and dried several times.

Understand Your Property

Understand Your Property:

This is more of a suggestion than a sign. As the commercial property owner, you should know your building's pipe system. You should know what is old and new and what areas may be at risk for water damage. Keep an extra-close eye on areas that have a higher potential for leaks, especially during rainstorms.

Benefits of Commercial Water Damage Restoration
in Duncanville, TX

When water invades your business or commercial property, you don't have much time to ponder your next course of action. While some business owners opt to try DIY water damage restoration, in most cases, they end up with more damage and expenses than before their leak. For the most effective, comprehensive solution to water damage, it's important that you hire a professional. At Atlas National Renovations, our primary focus is assisting business owners and commercial property managers with water damage restoration. We've been doing it for years, and we can help you too.

Here are just a few of the most common benefits we hear from past customers:

 Apartment Renovations Duncanville, TX
Safe Shopping Experience

Safe Shopping Experience

If you own a business, the health and safety of your customers is of utmost importance. When water damage occurs inside your storefront, you could be dealing with more than property damage. Depending on the severity of your issue, contaminants and microorganisms may be present, putting your customers' health at risk. When you trust a professional water damage restoration company like Atlas to remediate your water leak, you're not just putting a stop to the leak. Our team will clean and sanitize your business, making it safe for customers to continue shopping at your store.

Quick Response Time

Quick Response Time

Water damage can create unbearable conditions in your commercial property. As such, your water restoration company must be quick to respond. Professional water damage companies like Atlas respond quickly and can clean up water, dry and disinfect the area, and make necessary repairs. Because we have an entire team of pros and industry-leading equipment, we can be on site in minutes.

Less Damage, Better Costs

Less Damage, Better Costs

Water damage can be very expensive. Sometimes, it only takes a couple of hours to result in heavy losses. How soon you call the experts could mean the difference between painting over a water stain and having to rebuild an entire area of damaged drywall. When you call Atlas immediately, clients often reduce the cost of water damage restoration and overall building damage.

Capital Expenditure Services

In addition to our disaster recovery services, we also offer large-scale upgrades and improvements for your capital expenditures. If you own or manage a large commercial building or a multi-family property, you need to make sure your capital expenditures maintain present operating levels and foster your company's future growth.

At Atlas National Renovations, class A, B, and C properties are our bread and butter. We take the time to understand our customer's needs and expectations from the start so we can deliver outstanding results. If you're looking for a top-tier contractor to do the job right the first time, look no further than Atlas. Our customers love our team because we make large, highly-complicated projects easy to finish.

If you're looking to invest in the future of your business, know that we are here to help with projects like these:

  • High Volume Unit Upgrades and Improvements
  • Amenity Upgrades and Conversions
  • Common Area Improvements
  • High Volume Carpet, LVT, and Tile Installation
  • Courtyards and Hardscapes
  • Package Room and Mail Center Upgrades and Additions
  • Fitness Center Upgrades and Improvements
  • Dog Parks and Pet Stations
  • Signage Improvements and Additions
  • LED Lighting and Electrical Upgrades

Fitness Center Upgrades
and Improvements

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Multi-Family Building Deficiencies and Restoration Services

New multi-family properties are entering the market every day. That means that older communities must be renovated to keep up with modern demands and tenant needs. Upgrades to amenities, aesthetics and even structural changes help assets stay up-to-date. At the same time, damages from leaks and storms must be addressed. If you're a multi-family property manager or owner, and need unmatched restoration capability, Atlas National Renovations is here to serve you.

We specialize in cutting-edge, high-quality ways to achieve your renovation goals - for your tenants but also for your corporate leaders and management team. After all, a successful multi-family renovation benefits all parties.

We currently work with the top multi-family groups across our state. Unlike some multi-family renovation companies in Texas, our team understands the inner workings of the multi-family environment. Our customers appreciate our accommodations to their residents, maintenance team, leasing team, corporate leaders, and beyond. We're proud to say we know multi-family, inside and out, and have the credentials to back up those claims.

When crafting a multi-family restoration plan, we always consider your tenant's demographics, your building's curb appeal, property age, and energy efficiency. Whether you need to have significant updates applied to an older property or need a water damage inspection for a brand-new building, we can help.

Here is a quick glance at some of the multi-family renovations that our team handles:

  • Leak Detection and Water Intrusion Investigation
  • Exterior Sealants and Waterproofing
  • Large Interior and Exterior Paint Projects
  • Stucco Remediation and Exterior Facade Re-Clads
  • Full Property Exterior Repaints
  • Concrete and Flatwork
  • Corridor and Common Area Painting
  • Roof Replacement

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Water damage restoration is a crucial, complex process that must be completed properly to save your business from serious damage. Choosing the right professional is equally important, especially when your customers' health is on the line. Whether you need large-scale commercial restoration or quick, effective water damage cleanup for your storefront business, know that we are only a phone call away. Contact our friendly team of experts to learn more about Atlas National Renovations and how we clean up your water damage mess better than the rest.

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Latest News in Duncanville, TX

Mayor Barry L. Gordon Presents 2022 State of the City

February 20, 2023Duncanville, TX – On Thursday, January 19, 2023, the City of Duncanville partnered with the Duncanville Chamber of Commerce for the annual Celebrate Duncanville held at the Hilton Garden Inn Dallas/Duncanville (800 N. Main St., Duncanville, TX 75116). The annual tradition, which is organized by the Chamber, brings together the Mayor, City Council, City staff, the local business community, residents, and stakeholders for an evening that applauds partnerships and the prior year’s accomplishments. It is also ...

February 20, 2023

Duncanville, TX – On Thursday, January 19, 2023, the City of Duncanville partnered with the Duncanville Chamber of Commerce for the annual Celebrate Duncanville held at the Hilton Garden Inn Dallas/Duncanville (800 N. Main St., Duncanville, TX 75116). The annual tradition, which is organized by the Chamber, brings together the Mayor, City Council, City staff, the local business community, residents, and stakeholders for an evening that applauds partnerships and the prior year’s accomplishments. It is also known as the occasion for the Mayor of Duncanville to recognize local businesses and debut the prior year’s State of the City.

Mayor Barry L. Gordon had recently returned from attending the Inauguration of Governor Greg Abbott. He had been in Austin to support the Pelican House, the local restaurant selected to represent the region at the event. As Mayor Gordon addressed the large gathering, he began with congratulations to Pelican House owner, Louis Rainey III.

“I am always appreciative of the Celebrate Duncanville event,” Mayor Gordon continued. “Because I see it as a punctuation to the celebrations of the prior holiday season.”

The annual Celebrate Duncanville event is an opportunity to applaud the prior year’s accomplishments through recognitions and awards presented by both the Duncanville Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor of the City of Duncanville. The Mayor’s Award of Excellence for a small business went to Red Bird Lanes (1114 S. Main St., Duncanville, TX 75137), owned by Lauren and Billy Joe Cathey, who also took home the Chamber’s Pioneer Award. Louis Thibodeaux, owner of Thibodeaux’s Cajun Cooking (107 N. Cedar Ridge Dr., #106, Duncanville, TX 75116) accepted the Award of Excellence for a large business.

Prior to the awards ceremony, the mayor took to the stage to deliver remarks and debut the 2022 State of the City video. He congratulated the Duncanville Panthers on their State Championship, acknowledged the members of the City Council, and offered praise to City Management and staff for their hard work and accomplishments during the last year. Before starting the video, he said, “I invite each of you to challenge yourself to learn from our Championship football team and do more in the coming year.”

With the 2022 State of the City, Mayor Gordon had an opportunity to commemorate the 140th anniversary of Charles P. Nance, the community’s first postmaster, giving Duncanville its name. He said, “What was once a small town with wooden sidewalks has grown to be a vibrant and diverse community of over 40,000 strong!”

The 2022 State of the City reflects upon the challenges faced in the previous year, as well as the achievements of the City Council and staff. The city, along with the Duncanville Community and Economic Development Corporation (DCEDC) distributed $456,250 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to 41 local businesses that were directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The City Council and the DCEDC also partnered with Options Real Estate to acquire Wheatland Plaza.

In the 2022 State of the City video, Mayor Gordon said, “Over the years Wheatland Plaza declined from an important Duncanville shopping destination into blight. We’d known for some time that this property needed attention if it was to meet the Council’s vision for our city.”

Also in the video, Mayor Gordon introduces Duncanville residents to the Council’s Strategic Pillars.

“These Strategic Pillars are the principles that guide city management and staff as they perform their daily duties managing our city and developing plans for our city’s future,” he said. They are:

Already, residents can see these Pillars impacting the day-to-day operations at City Hall in tangible ways.

One example is the new resident concern reporting app, OurDuncanville, which is available on Google Play and the App Store. City Hall also has a new customer advocacy desk where visitors are greeted and helped by staff.

Members of the community are also invited to participate in their local government by joining the city’s Boards and Commissions or by visiting DuncanvilleTX.gov and reading the Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) (for consistency since initialism is used in the next line), described by the mayor as “a reader-friendly version of the more detailed Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR).”

Residents, businesses, and stakeholders can watch the Mayor’s 2022 State of the City at the City of Duncanville YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/43MSH3LAPsw

During Celebrate Duncanville Mayor Gordon added, “As you watch the 2022 State of the City, where I highlight several of our achievements over the past year, I hope you will reflect on your contributions over the past year to help make our Duncanville a great place to live, to work and to play.”

Star basketball player for Duncanville sets eyes on future now that Texas' top team will miss playoffs due to coach's rules violation

At 10, Kaylinn Kemp was the #4 guard in the nation for her age group. As a sophomore, she'll now miss a chance to win a state title due to her coach's mistake.DUNCANVILLE, Texas — Kaylinn Kemp's varsity basketball season abruptly ended Tuesday night, and no one seems to know why.The game was canceled due to ...

At 10, Kaylinn Kemp was the #4 guard in the nation for her age group. As a sophomore, she'll now miss a chance to win a state title due to her coach's mistake.

DUNCANVILLE, Texas — Kaylinn Kemp's varsity basketball season abruptly ended Tuesday night, and no one seems to know why.

The game was canceled due to a new district investigation into her coach that's already on suspension.

The 16-year-old star plays guard for Duncanville's girl's basketball team -- a squad filled with all-stars that are ranked number 1 in Texas and 11 nationwide.

Yet, that squad will not start its run for a state championship next week when playoffs begin.

"Whoever does win state, know that they didn't get to us. If they did, they probably wouldn't have gotten that far," Kemp said. "No one in Texas can beat us."

In October 2022, the team was barred from competing in the playoffs. The program was placed on a probation period of three years after UIL officials suspended Head Coach LaJeanna Howard for a rules violation.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, "tryouts were hosted for Duncanville students not already on the team" roughly two months before practices could be held. DISD is open-enrollment. The team also posted on social media about the tryout per the Star-Telegram.

On Tuesday night, the team had to forfeit its last regular season game against Skyline after the district announced it was investigating if Howard violated her suspension and district directives.

Howard and the coaching staff are now on leave with pay pending the outcome of that investigation. No other information was given to parents or players.

Unlike Kemp, a sophomore, seniors missed a chance to give their final game their all.

The team finished 26-5 overall and 13-1 in their district, earning the district championship over DeSoto.

Crystal Blackmon (left) and Kemp talk with WFAA.

"I'm speechless when I think about it," Kemp's mother, Crystal Blackmon, said.

"These girls are all family. They're sisters. I just hate that they have been deprived of the opportunity to be greater than people already know them to be."

Kemp is on a meteoric rise and will no doubt play basketball in college. WFAA profiled her when she was 10, practicing relentlessly after being ranked number 4 in the nation for her age group.

She hopes to be in the WNBA someday.

"Basketball is very front and center for me; it's something that I've always wanted to do when I get older," Kemp said.

"Those practices are getting longer, harder, quicker and faster."

Kemp told WFAA that what happened to the team this season is out of her control, but her mother feels like the girls shouldn't be punished.

"We hear so many people say all the time that 'it's all about the kids.' Really? Well, it needs to really be that way," Blackmon said. "Egos and politics have gotten in the way. I hate that it's gotten to this point because it didn't have to."

When it comes to her future, Kemp's biggest year for recruiting will be the next season when she's a junior.

That's all she's focused on and says this "banishment" from the playoffs this season only adds gasoline to her drive.

"This gives me fuel. Me and my teammates feel like all of this will make us go next season," Kemp said.

"We got a statement to make, and the statement will be made. I just want everybody to be ready for that."

North Texas' Black high school football coaches are making history

You can call it a championship coaches fraternity, but for these three men, their brotherhood was only made stronger by this historic moment."I think it's real monumental because we all had to overcome obstacles to get to this point,"...

You can call it a championship coaches fraternity, but for these three men, their brotherhood was only made stronger by this historic moment.

"I think it's real monumental because we all had to overcome obstacles to get to this point," said South Oak Cliff head coach Jason Todd.

South Oak Cliff, Duncanville and DeSoto high schools all 2022 state champions, in the same county, led by three Black men.


"A lot of times they look at it like we aren't doing much coaching. It's all talent, but at the end of the day I think you have three good coaches here and the fact that we've done these accomplishments shows we are good coaches," said Duncanville head coach Reginald Samples. "We as Black men can get some things done and we just need to be given our due for our hard work."

Samples is the winningest Black coach in Texas, but he still chased the ultimate goal.

Two months after winning his first state championship, he was named Coach of the Year by the Texas High School Coaches Association.

In 2022, Todd won his second-straight 5A Division II UIL state title, becoming the first Dallas ISD football team to win a UIL state title in back-to-back years. He also became the first Black coach in the state to win two titles at the same school.

"It's a brotherhood, but actually it's around being very competitive. We all want to be successful. I may have won two championships, but I haven't beat these two guys yet, so you know that's a big stepping stone for me to get over that hump one day," said Todd.

DeSoto's Claude Mathis returned to the district in 2019, leading his team to a state championship win three years later.

[REPORTER: "You guys are molding predominately black young lives who totally could be in a different situation if they didn't have football or other activities as an outlet."]

"We are leaders of our community. That's number one," said Mathis. "I tell our kids if they just learn football from me, I have failed them in life. It's about life. We do different things, and we try to spend as much time as we can according to the rules and regulations with those guys."

"If you are looking around, seeing what you don't have, it means you are not focused on what you do have. You have to make it work. You may have to do a little more, but it's worth it," said Todd. "Seeing kids going on to school and coming back in life and letting you know some of the stuff you taught them was the key to get through tough times."

Denton Guyer QB, Duncanville LB lead Texas 6A all-state team

BRYAN, Texas (AP) — Denton Guyer quarterback Jackson Arnold and Duncanville junior linebacker Colin Simmons are the players of the year on the Blue Bell/Texas Sports Writers Association’s Class 6A all-state football team.Arnold, who signed with Oklahoma, threw for 3,476 yards with 33 touchdowns and only three interceptions. He rushed for 921 yards and 24 TDs for the 14-1 Wildcats, who lost in the 6A Division II semifinals to DeSoto.Simmons had 33 tackles for losses, 22 1/2 of them sacks in leading the Panthers to a ...

BRYAN, Texas (AP) — Denton Guyer quarterback Jackson Arnold and Duncanville junior linebacker Colin Simmons are the players of the year on the Blue Bell/Texas Sports Writers Association’s Class 6A all-state football team.

Arnold, who signed with Oklahoma, threw for 3,476 yards with 33 touchdowns and only three interceptions. He rushed for 921 yards and 24 TDs for the 14-1 Wildcats, who lost in the 6A Division II semifinals to DeSoto.

Simmons had 33 tackles for losses, 22 1/2 of them sacks in leading the Panthers to a 15-0 record and the Division I state title. The junior had 45 quarterbacks pressures.

Duncanville’s Reginald Samples was the coach of the year. Samples, who has been the runner-up three times, is 326-87-2.



Guards – Isaiah Ybarra, Katy, 6-2, 285, sr.; Harris Sewell, Odessa Permian, 6-5, 305, sr.

Tackles – Nick Fattig, Clear Springs, 6-5, 275, sr.; (tie) Ashton Funk, Katy Tompkins, 6-6, 312, jr.; Tyler Knape, Austin Westlake, 6-4, 285, jr.

Center – Jackson Felkins, Klein Collins, 6-3, 290, sr.

Wide receivers – Johntay Cook II, DeSoto, 6-0, 170, sr.; Cory O’Bryant, Tomball Memorial, sr.; Marquis Johnson, Dickinson, 6-0, 185, sr.

Tight end – Ka’Morreun Pimpton, North Crowley, 6-6, 220, sr.; Quarterback – Jackson Arnold, Denton Guyer, sr.

Running backs – Seth Davis, Katy, 5-7, 170, sr.; Caden Durham, Duncanville, 5-9, 180, jr.; Re’Shaun Sanford, Harker Heights, 5-8, 171, sr.

Fullback – Dayshawn Peterson, Alvin, 6-2, 195, sr.; All-purpose – David Amador, North Shore, 6-0, 180, sr.

Place-kicker – Hayden Arnold, Vandegrift, 5-9, 175, sr.


Linemen – Colton Vasek, Austin Westlake, 6-6, 240, sr.; Ashton Porter, Cypress Ranch, 6-3, 255, sr.; Kei’Trone Simpson, Duncanville, 6-3, 224, sr.; Elijah Fields, North Shore, 6-1, 255, sr.

Linebackers – Brandon Booker, DeSoto, 6-1, 190, jr.; Colin Simmons, Duncanville, 6-3, 225, jr.; Makai Williams, Cibolo Steele, 6-1, 213, sr.; Vernon Grant, Duncanville, 5-10, 190, sr.

Secondary – Peyton Bowen, Denton Guyer, 6-0, 185, sr.; Jayven Anderson, North Shore, 6-1, 205, sr.; Calvin Simpson-Hunt, Waxachachie, 6-0, 175, sr.; Caimon Mathis, DeSoto, 6-1, 165, sr.

Punter – Tyler White, Southlake Carroll, 6-3, 202, sr.

Utility – Michael Barrow, Arlington Martin, 5-7, 175, sr.

Kick returner – Khaleb Davis, Hightower, 5-8, 175, sr.

Offensive player of the year – Arnold, Denton Guyer Defensive player of the year – Simmons, Duncanville Coach of the year – Reginald Samples, Duncanville



Guards – Gavin Espinoza, New Braunfels, 5-10, 275, jr.; Jose Zuniga, Edinburg North, 6-2, 275, sr.

Tackles – Jaydon Chatman, Harker Heights, 6-5, 300, sr.; Ian Reed, Vandegrift, 6-6, 315, sr.

Center – (tie) Jacob Egg, Katy, 6-1, 280, sr.; Isaiah Kema, Frenship, 6-4, 298, sr.

Wide receivers – Jonah Wilson, Dekaney, 6-3, 205, sr.; Hunter Summers, Prosper, 6-2, 170, sr.; (tie) Mike Coleman, Vandegrift, 5-6, 145, jr.; Jaden Greathouse, Austin Westlake, 6-3, 220, sr.

Tight end – (tie) Davon Mitchell, Allen, 6-4, 230, soph.; Landon Marsh, New Braunfels, 6-3, 195, sr.

Quarterback – Preston Hatter, Spring Westfield, 6-1, 185, sr.; Running backs – Owen Allen, Southlake Carroll, 6-0, 205, sr.; Jeremy Payne, Hightower, 5-11, 175, jr.; Kedrick Reescano, New Caney, 6-0, 220, sr.

Fullback – Ryan Hall, Katy Morton Ranch, jr.

All-purpose – Jaelen Smith, Klein Cain, 6-2, 195, sr.

Place-kicker – Kameron Van Prooyen, SA Churchill, 5-9, 170, sr.


Linemen – Oluwapelumi Olanipekun, Denton Guyer, 5-11, 272, jr.; David Hicks Jr.;, Katy Paetow, 6-3, 270, jr.; Jermy Jackson, Waxahachie, 6-2, 185, jr.; Armstrong Nnodim, Mesquite Horn, 6-2, 245, jr.; Linebackers – Hector Hinojos, El Paso East Lake, 6-1, 198, sr.; Cooper King, Stratford, 6-0, 211, sr.; S’Maje Burrell, North Crowley, 6-0, 220, sr.; Jace Gilliam, Permian, 6-0, 185, sr.

Secondary – Javien Toviano, Arlington Martin, 6-0, 185, sr.; Jacoby Davis, North Shore, 5-9, 175, sr.; Alex Foster, Vandegrift, 6-2, 188, jr.; Ryan Yaites, Denton Guyer, 6-1, 195, sr.

Punter – Adam Carter, Katy, 6-1, 245, soph.

Utility – (tie) Brandon Joseph, Dekaney, 6-0, 200, sr.; Keith Abney II, Waxahachie, 5-10, 170, sr.

Kick returner – Evan Jackson, North Shore, 5-11, 170, sr.



Guards – Jake Hall, Southlake Carroll, 6-3, 290, sr.; Tyler Mercer, Prosper, 6-3, 260, jr.

Tackles – Blake Ivy, Clear Springs, 6-4, 275, jr.; (tie) LaJuan Owens, Fossil Ridge, 6-4, 314, sr.; Ray’Quan Bell, Spring Westfield, 6-4, 305, jr.

Center – Scotty Parker, Lewisville, 6-2, 305, sr.

Wide receivers – Ivan Carreon, Odessa High, 6-6, 195, jr.; Darian Holmes, SA Warren, 6-3, 190, sr.; Landon Ransom-Goelz, Byron Nelson, 6-2, 185, sr.; Tight end – Hawkins Polley, Stratford, sr.

Quarterback – (tie) Jake Wilson, Byron Nelson, 6-2, 205, sr.; Darius Bailey, DeSoto, 5-10, 190, jr.

Running backs – Quinten Joyner, Manor, 6-1, 215, sr.; Christian Womack, Tomball, 5-11, 180, sr.; Fabian Garcia, San Benito, 5-8, 175, jr.

Fullback – Jeremiah Scoby, Dickinson, 6-3, 190, soph.

All-purpose – (tie) Mikal Harrison-Pilot, Temple, 6-1, 190, sr.; Wyatt Young, Katy Tompkins, 6-0, 185, jr.

Place-kicker – (tie) Carlos Alvarado, Tomball, 5-9, 160, sr.; Julian Melucci, El Paso Eastlake, 5-7, 155, sr.


Linemen – Robert Legarda, EP Eastwood, 6-3, 245, sr.; Bryson Balka, Spring Westfield, 6-0, 249, jr.; Jordan Renaud, Tyler Legacy, 6-4, 275, sr.; (tie) Dylan Spencer, C.E.; King, sr.; Trey Wilson, Garland Lakeview, 6-3, 250, sr.; Christian Nwosu, Dekaney, 6-2, 230, jr.

Linebackers – Dustan Mark, Southlake Carroll, jr.; Tyler Mitchell, Lake Travis, 6-2, 190 sr.; Jadon Ducos, Humble Atascocita, sr.; (tie) Taurean York, Temple, 6-0, 220, sr.; Christian Brathwaite, Cypress Ranch, sr.

Secondary – Chisom Onwuzurigbo, Hightower, 6-1, 180, sr.; Vernon Glover, Dickinson, 6-0, 180, sr.; Will Courtney, Austin Westlake, 6-2, 185, sr.; Tyler Turner, San Antonio Brennan, 6-0, 190, sr.; D.J. Coleman, Mesquite Horn, 6-1, 195, sr.; Punter – Scott Starzyk, The Woodlands, 5-10, 160, soph.

Utility – (tie) Bobby Deal, El Paso Pebble Hills, sr.; Amarion Henry, Keller, 6-0, 185, sr.

Kick returner – (tie) Chris Dawn, Mesquite Horn, 5-8, 160, sr.; Da’John Palomo, Spring Westfield, 5-9, 170, sr.

Texas Football: Notes, top performers from Pylon 7v7 Dallas day 2

The final day of action at Pylon 7v7 Dallas on Feb. 5 saw more Texas football recruiting targets taking part in bracket play. This weekend of Pylon 7v7 action had some fireworks as Grand Elite Always Open wound up taking the crown with an impressive 23-0 win over 940 Elite U.We ...

The final day of action at Pylon 7v7 Dallas on Feb. 5 saw more Texas football recruiting targets taking part in bracket play. This weekend of Pylon 7v7 action had some fireworks as Grand Elite Always Open wound up taking the crown with an impressive 23-0 win over 940 Elite U.

We saw a couple of the Texas Threat teams that are chocked full of blue-chip talent make good runs in bracket play on Feb. 5. True Buzz is also a team filled with blue-chip recruits that made a run through multiple rounds of bracket play.

I was in attendance at different points of both days of action at Pylon 7v7 Dallas. Here are my notes and top performers from the second day of action in DeSoto on Feb. 5 to cap Pylon 7v7 Dallas 2023.

Some names to watch for Texas football among the top performers at Pylon 7v7 Dallas day 2

Elijah Baesa, WR (2024)

Both days of Pylon 7v7 Dallas were an absolute highlight fest for 2024 Mesquite wide receiver and Arizona State Sun Devils commit Elijah Baesa. The 6-foot and 175-pound wideout was dominant at all levels of the field in bracket play. He had multiple scores and was consistently dominant against opposing defensive backs.

He’s Like That – Arizona State Commit Eli Baesa #GRANDELITE @elijahbaesa_2 @GrandElite3 @drobalwayzopen pic.twitter.com/xbwWpBhQSx

— CoachSean13 (@CoachSean13) February 6, 2023

2024 Desoto HS QB @DJBailey5_ I see the accuracy to @elijahbaesa_2 2024 Mesquite HS WR “strong hands and tough” @GrandElite3 @AndrewHatts @Jason_Howell @UncleFraz @Pylon7on7 @JClarkHFB247 pic.twitter.com/jwsoHDjRoA

— David Robinson (@drobalwayzopen) February 6, 2023

Keelon Russell, QB (2025)

A rising name to watch around the college football recruiting landscape in the 2025 cycle is the 6-foot-3 and 180-pound Duncanville quarterback Keelon Russell. Displaying excellent timing and spin on the ball, Russell was a standout this weekend along with fellow DFW quarterback and 2024 DeSoto product DJ Bailey for Grand Elite Always Open.

2025 DUNCANVILLE HS QB @keelonfootball connecting w/ 2025 DUNCANVILLE HS WR @thereal_kori2x (#1 in the nation in his class) @UncleFraz @AndrewHatts @Pylon7on7 @JClarkHFB247 @Jason_Howell @GrandElite3 pic.twitter.com/Dn69gyMCRF

— David Robinson (@drobalwayzopen) February 6, 2023

Russell just picked up his first FBS offer a couple of weeks ago from the Memphis Tigers. More should be on the way in the near future.

Davon Mitchell, TE (2025)

It was hard to find a better tight end at Pylon 7v7 Dallas this weekend than the elite five-star 2025 Allen product Davon Mitchell. The towering 6-foot-5 and 230-pound tight end was one of the most consistent targets for 2024 Frisco Emerson quarterback Michael Hawkins for 940 Elite U in bracket play.

Mitchell holds offers from nearly 30 schools as of early February, including Texas and the Texas A&M Aggies.

Allen 2025 TE and Texas A&M target Davon Mitchell. He’s one of the top TEs in the country regardless of class and a dynamic offensive force @davonmitchell82 | @alleneaglesfb | @940Elite #GigEm pic.twitter.com/E4GYL7AvLi

— Jason Howell (@Jason_Howell) February 5, 2023

Alijah Cason, ATH (2024)

One of the most impressive skill players I saw in action this weekend was the 5-foot-10 and 170-pound First Baptist athlete Alijah Cason. The Dallas native made some big plays for Texas Threat during pool play, including one of the nicest touchdown catches I saw this weekend. He displayed excellent body control and hands to reel in a great touchdown from 2024 Grandview quarterback Ryder Hayes.

Cason currently holds one FBS offer, from the New Mexico Lobos.

Ka’Davion Dotson, DB (2024)

I haven’t talked much about any defensive standouts this weekend, as most of what I was watching specifically was the play of various quarterbacks and wideouts. But one player that stuck out to me later in pool play and throughout bracket play this weekend was the touted four-star Duncanville 2024 defensive back Ka’Davion Dotson.

Cole Patterson of Orangebloods noted that Dotson is a “tone setter” for Duncanville’s defense. And he was able to do much of the same for Texas Threat this weekend.

The most realistic remaining target for the 2023 Texas football recruiting class to add in the final signing period of this cycle is the touted four-star TCU Horned Frogs commit and Red Oak (TX) defensive back Warren Roberson. The 6-foot and 180-pound safety was originally expected to announce his signing decision last week during a Red Oak signing day ceremony.

Yet, inclement weather in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (due to an ice storm that lastest a few days) wound up causing closures in Red Oak Independent School District. Thus, the in-person signing ceremony at Red Oak High School wound up getting pushed back multiple days.

It now looks like we could have a signing date, though, for the blue-chip Red Oak defensive back early this week. A report from CJ Vogel of TFB Texas on Feb. 6 (donor content) notes that Roberson is expected to announce his signing decision on Feb. 7.

A report from Mike Roach of Horns247 on Feb. 6 also echoes the sentiment that Roberson to expected to announce on Feb. 7.

4-Star Texas football DB target Warren Roberson expected to announce on Feb. 7

These two reports are enough to indicate that Texas likely won’t have to wait much longer to figure out the ultimate college destination for Roberson.

He will be deciding between Texas, TCU, and the USC Trojans when he announces this week. Roberson took a late-cycle official visit to Texas on the weekend of Jan. 16, which helped the Longhorns make a big move in this recruitment ahead of the late signing period.

Roberson also made an unofficial trip to USC a few weeks ago. That was Roberson’s second visit to LA to see the Trojans since last summer. USC has continued to stay in communication with Roberson through the start of the late signing period last week.

TCU is also making a big late push to try and retain Roberson’s commitment and ultimately get him to sign with their 2023 class.

Roberson was committed to TCU since late October 2022. But he was the only high school recruit committed to TCU’s 2023 class that didn’t sign on the dotted line during the Early Signing Period in December.

Moreover, Roberson is one of the two outstanding priority recruits that Texas is still awaiting decisions from in the 2023 class. The other is the elite five-star Pinnacle (AZ) tight end Duce Robinson.

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Texas currently holds commitments from 24 high school recruits in the 2023 class. All of the two-dozen recruits committed to the Longhorns 2023 class signed on the dotted line during the Early Signing Period a couple of months ago.


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