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Elite Level Fire Damage Restoration in Melissa, TX

Fire damage to your home is one of the most traumatizing, frightening tragedies a person can experience. This is especially true in apartment buildings and multifamily homes, where dozens if not hundreds of families are affected by fire and smoke damage. When a fire rips through an apartment building, the property damage can be catastrophic. But the damage caused by fires doesn't end once the flames have been extinguished. Victims are left wondering what happens next now that their belongings are destroyed. When will they have a roof over their again?

In these circumstances, prompt, purpose-driven fire damage restoration is key to reducing victims' financial and emotional strain.

The National Fire Protection Association states that a structure fire is reported every 65 seconds. When the fire alarm sounds, emergency responders answer the call for help with decisive action. But once the smoke clears, Atlas National Renovations' team of fire restoration experts step in to give hope to property managers, apartment tenants, and commercial property owners.

With decades of combined experience in disaster recovery, ANR understands the complexities associated with commercial and apartment building fires. We have helped the top multifamily groups in Texas recover their tenants' homes and belongings with care and compassion. If you're a property manager and you're still reeling from a fire disaster, know that we're here to help you too.

At Atlas National Renovations, our expert project managers and technicians play key roles in complicated fire restoration projects. We specialize in restoring Class A, B, and C properties like apartment complexes, high-rise buildings, multifamily buildings, mixed-use developments, large commercial properties, and more.

Service Areas

If you're looking for a top-tier fire damage restoration company in Melissa, look no further than ANR. We're the top pick when it comes to large, detailed fire restoration projects because we:

  • Are a Trusted Partner in Restoration and Disaster Recovery
  • Adhere to OSHA Standards and State & Federal Regulations
  • Use the Latest Equipment & Remediation Techniques
  • Offer Innovative Solutions to Detailed Problems
  • Provide Seasoned Project Managers for Each Fire Restoration Project
  • Give Clients Clear and Consistent Communication
  • Work with Insurance Companies
  • Have a Knowledgeable & Courteous Leadership Team

Fire Damage Restoration for Apartment Buildings in Melissa, TX

Owners and managers of apartment complexes know that the safety of their tenants is a major responsibility. Unfortunately, nobody can completely control when apartment fires occur. Fires in apartments and multifamily buildings may start small, but they spread quickly, often destroying several living spaces. These frightening fires destroy prized heirlooms, important documents, and can even be fatal. However, the work is only beginning once the fire is put out and lives are saved.

In the aftermath of a disaster, figuring out the next steps is hard. During this difficult time, it's important to be prepared. As a property manager or owner, having a fire damage restoration company on your checklist of resources is crucial.

Unlike residential fires, apartment and multifamily building fires add several more layers of complexity and stress. In these situations, you deserve a restoration partner that you can trust without question, and that company is Atlas National Renovations.

Disaster Recovery Melissa, TX

With years of experience guiding our technicians and project managers, the ANS team responds quickly to your fire damage emergency. Using advanced protocols and state-of-the-art restoration equipment, we get to work quickly to repair and restore your commercial property to its pre-loss condition. While restoring your property, we always keep your tenant's care and comfort in mind.

Our fire restoration services in Melissa are comprehensive and include the following:

  • Rapid Mobilization and Response
  • Overall Catastrophe Management
  • Emergency Board-Up Services
  • Debris Removal and Disposal
  • Apartment Content Inventory and Cleaning
  • Soot and Smoke Removal Services
  • Water Extraction
  • Deodorization
  • HVAC Cleaning and Decontamination
  • Shoring Installment to Secure Buildings
  • Interior & Exterior Renovations

Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

It's imperative to have someone with knowledge and experience on your side during a fire crisis.

When you call ANS, our fire restoration experts can help walk you through the steps you need to take once a fire occurs. This allows us to quickly gain control of the restoration project on your behalf. Once we have inspected your property, we'll provide a detailed report and scope of work for your fire damage restoration project.

ANS repairs all property damage caused by soot, smoke, and fire. Our IICRC-certified fire restoration teams construct the best plan to quickly get your building back to its pre-loss condition.

 Renovations Melissa, TX

Because every property is different, each fire restoration project for apartment buildings is too. However, every fire disaster will have a similar process and will often include:

Contact ANS

Your fire restoration process begins when you call our headquarters. Our specialist will ask you a series of questions about the fire event that occurred. That way, we can arrive on-site with the proper resources and equipment.

Fire Damage Assessment
and Inspection

Our fire damage restoration team will carefully inspect the entirety of your apartment complex, from building to building and room to room. We do so to determine the extent of your apartment's fire, smoke, and soot damage. This step is crucial to developing a comprehensive restoration plan.

Board-Up Services

First responders like firefighters must break windows and cut holes in roofs to slow fire growth and save lives. Once the fire is out, our team can get to work, boarding up holes and constructing temporary fencing around the property.

Water Removal

If there is water damage associated with your apartment fire, we'll remove most of the water immediately. From there, we use air movers and dehumidifiers to help complete the drying process.

Smoke and Soot Removal

Within minutes of a fire, walls, electronics, and other surfaces are covered in soot. Smoke and ash continue to cause damage to every inch of your apartment building. That's why ANS uses specialized equipment to remediate smoke damage and remove odors. This process is often labor-intensive and can take time, especially for large fire damage restoration needs.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Using a variety of restoration and cleaning techniques, our team will help clean restorable items and sanitize units for safety.


Getting your apartment buildings to their pre-fire conditions is our ultimate goal. Depending on the size and scope of the fire restoration job, minor repairs like painting, drywall replacement, and new carpet installation might be needed. You might also need major structural renovations like re-siding, re-roofing, new window installation, floor replacement, and more.

Tips for Preventing Apartment Fires

If you're a property manager or own multifamily residential buildings, the thought of an apartment fire is terrifying. What starts as a small fire can quickly turn into a catastrophic event, with your entire complex up in flames. However, one of the best ways of preventing these fires is to know more about them.

Share these tips with tenants to help prevent deadly apartment fires:

Turn Off Heat Sources

Turn Off Heat Sources

Data shows that a large number of apartment fires begin with cooking. Often, these fires are caused by the ignition of common items like rags, curtains, wallpapers, and bags. Encourage tenants to keep their kitchens and cooking areas clear of combustibles. Never leave a stove unattended for long, and don't leave burners on by themselves. Unintentional mishaps like leaving heat sources on are common causes of fires that can be prevented with a little forethought.

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

Like heat sources, electrical malfunctions are also common causes of fires in apartment complexes. It's hard to prevent all electrical malfunctions, but you can tell tenants to avoid bad habits. Tips include never using extension cords as permanent solutions and never using a cable if the third prong is missing.

Appliance Safety

Appliance Safety

Appliances are a part of everyone's lives. They're also standard equipment in most apartment units. But if tenants don't take proper precautions, these useful tools can spark deadly fires.

Tips for Preventing Apartment Fires

No matter how large or small, fires are nightmare scenarios for entrepreneurs with commercial properties. Fire damage can completely ruin storefronts and offices, leaving charred remains and burned-up files before firefighters arrive. To make matters worse, soot and smoke damage ruin your businesses' furniture, HVAC system, carpet, walls, and windows.

To eliminate health hazards and restore your business to its pre-fire condition, you need to bring in a team of professionals with years of experience in fire damage remediation. At ANR, we use commercial-grade equipment and cutting-edge tools to clean up the aftermath of your fire and rebuild your property. That way, you can get back to running your business and providing for your family.

 Apartment Renovations Melissa, TX

Share these tips with tenants to help prevent deadly apartment fires:

Remove Smoke and Fire Damage

 Home Renovations Melissa, TX

One of the most common causes of large commercial loss stems from smoke and fire damage. Of course, these disasters cause injuries and fatalities. But they also generate tremendous amounts of damage, rot, mold, and harm to structures. Not to mention the devastation that fire damage has to the appearance and livability of the facility. Fire damage restoration companies restore - and also prevent - the root cause of the fire. Electrical outlets, wires, and other fire-prone items will all be addressed to prevent a subsequent disaster.

Highly Skilled

 Home Restorations Melissa, TX

The best fire damage restoration professionals are highly-trained, exceptionally skilled, and properly equipped to deal with every aspect of a commercial fire. From handling major renovations to taking care of the lingering effects of smoke damage, pro fire restoration companies take care of it for you. Hiring ANR means you'll be working with technicians who have the knowledge, tools, and materials to get the job done right the first time.

Insurance Claims

 Multifamily Home Renovations Melissa, TX

When you start the claim process with your businesses' insurance company, they'll ask whether you've hired a fire damage restoration company. That's because companies like Atlas prevent further damage from occurring and calculate an estimate of your total loss. You can submit this estimate to your insurance company, which may then provide you with resources to complete your company's disaster recovery mt-md-1

Discover the
Atlas Difference

Fire damage restoration is a crucial, complex process that professionals must perform. With decades of expertise, unmatched restoration quality, and the scalability for any job, Atlas National Renovations is well-equipped to be your single source for commercial fire damage restoration in Melissa, TX. We are specially equipped to make difficult restoration projects easy for owners.

When a fire disaster strikes, you need a timely response from a trustworthy team of experts. Don't settle for a mediocre fire restoration partner. Choose ANR to get the job done right the first time. Contact our office today to learn more about our fire restoration services in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.


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Latest News in Melissa, TX

Health consultants fail city of Laredo with $250K assessment report

LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - What would you do with a quarter of a million dollars? It could probably pay off a mortgage—probably two. Laredo city leaders were hoping that amount of money would solve Laredo’s medically under-served problem. However, the company they hired to do so, did not offer the right prescription, and one city councilman now wishes they can get their money back.“I wish we get a refund for it,” said Dr. Tyler King, City Councilman, District 6. “Turns out my three-year-old daughter could have ...

LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - What would you do with a quarter of a million dollars? It could probably pay off a mortgage—probably two. Laredo city leaders were hoping that amount of money would solve Laredo’s medically under-served problem. However, the company they hired to do so, did not offer the right prescription, and one city councilman now wishes they can get their money back.

“I wish we get a refund for it,” said Dr. Tyler King, City Councilman, District 6. “Turns out my three-year-old daughter could have probably done a better job for the for the price.”

Buyer’s remorse is the best way to describe how Dr. King feels about the job done by Health Management Associates (HMA). They were hired to come up with innovative strategies to recruit physicians and nurses to Laredo. The request for proposal was sent out back in 2021 during the height of Covid-19 when it became very apparent that Laredo lacked in healthcare providers But according to Dr. King, who was not a member of City Council at the time, there were red flags from the beginning.

“Those of us who work in healthcare here in Laredo, we all know why we’re underserved. We know we’re lacking the staff that we need--the physicians, the nurses, the auxiliary staff. We know that nurses need higher pay. We know that it’s personnel more than anything.”

Dr. King further says HMA may not have been the right company for the job.

“If you look at the history of what this consulting firm does, they’re more project managers. This is not really their bread and butter. This project was a bit outside of their wheelhouse in my opinion.” City leaders also confirmed HMA was the only company that submitted a bid for the project. So, Council voted to hire them in a unanimous vote. The, fast forward 18 months later, and disappointment set in.

“We paid $250,000 for these two pamphlets,” said Dr. King. “And they told us nothing we didn’t already know.”

In the report, the company offered strategies that local hospitals already offer. Incentives such as: * Contracts with income guarantees * Sign-on bonuses * Relocation payments * Continuing education allowances * Financial assistance with medical school loans

Dr. King isn’t the only council member taking the consultant’s report to task. Melissa Cigarroa, Council Member for District 4 and married to a local cardiologist, also noted inaccuracies in the report, particularly in claims that cardiology services were not being provided at Doctors Hospital.

“My husband continues to practice at Doctors Hospital, so that is factually incorrect,” she said. “And, within the last 12 months, Doctors Hospital has hired three cardiologists.”

Cigarroa also pointed out that for $250,000, more than just three physicians should have been interviewed.

“It’s seems to me that you took the easy way out,” she said. “You just looked for something you could identify with for an explanation, but in reality, as a community, we’ve been struggling with this for decades. It’s not an easy issue, the hospitals have used various strategies to recruit and look for qualified specialists to come to Laredo and stay, and I just feel you didn’t do your research sufficiently.” Both Dr. King and Cigarroa agreed that when moving forward with consultants, it’s important to express exactly what you’re looking for, especially when the check is being paid for by taxpayers.

“People just want to do the right thing,” said Dr. King. “People want to feel like they’re solving our health disparity problem, but just throwing money at the problem isn’t always the right answer.”

At the end of the meeting, Council voted not to accept this final report from HMA and instead instructed HMA to continue working on it by interviewing additional physicians and to include more research in a section called ‘Competitive Dynamics’ that should have listed findings as to why physicians don’t come to Laredo. Instead, the current report only noted a lawsuit currently in the court system between a local hospital and a clinic as the reason. In response, Council instructed HMA to remove this from the report because the lawsuit has no bearing in this report.

Until another version of the report can be presented, Council voted to hold back the final payment to the company, which is approximately $25K.

The Laredo City Health Department says during the month of February, HMA has been following Council’s instructions, and are hoping to present an updated report to Laredo City Council at the end of March.

For more headlines. click here.

Copyright 2023 KGNS. All rights reserved.

Drake Announces 2023 It’s All A Blur Tour With 21 Savage

Tickets Available Starting Wednesday, March 15General Onsale Begins Friday, March 17 on Today, four time Grammy-award winning and multi-platinum selling artist Drake announced his long awaited return to the stage with the 2023 ‘It’s All A Blur’ Tour presented by Cash App, Visa and Sprite. Produced by Live Nation, Drake and 21 Savage will be going on...

Tickets Available Starting Wednesday, March 15

General Onsale Begins Friday, March 17 on

Today, four time Grammy-award winning and multi-platinum selling artist Drake announced his long awaited return to the stage with the 2023 ‘It’s All A Blur’ Tour presented by Cash App, Visa and Sprite. Produced by Live Nation, Drake and 21 Savage will be going on a 29-date arena run with stops including Chicago, Boston, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and more before wrapping up in Glendale, AZ at Desert Diamond Arena on Tuesday, September 5.

‘It’s All A Blur’ marks Drake’s return to touring since headlining Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour in 2018. The title, a celebration of the last decade, sums up Drake’s sentiment of the unprecedented run as he gets ready to hit the road. In the last five years, Drake has released four albums, including his most recent studio album Her Loss in collaboration with 21 Savage, which reached number one on the Billboard’s 200 chart and had all 16 songs debuted on Billboard’s Hot 100 list.

TICKETS: Tickets will be available starting with Cash App Card and Sprite presales (details below) beginning Wednesday, March 15. Additional presales will run throughout the week ahead of the general onsale beginning Friday, March 17 starting at 12pm local time on Onsale start times vary by market, check your local listings for more information.

CASH APP CARD PRESALE: For all US shows, the first tickets to the ‘It’s All A Blur’ Tour will be available for Cash App Card customers via an exclusive ticket presale presented by Cash App and Visa.

SPRITE PRESALE: Sprite is the official beverage sponsor for the ‘It’s All A Blur Tour,’ his first in North America since 2018. This marks a natural progression of their partnership since Sprite executed his first worldwide brand deal in 2010. Fans can look for updates on and sign up for Sprite emails to gain access to Drake’s presale experience.


Fri Jun 16 – New Orleans, LA – Smoothie King Center

Mon Jun 19 – Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena

Wed Jun 21 – Houston, TX – Toyota Center

Sat Jun 24 – Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center

Wed Jun 28 – Miami, FL – Miami-Dade Arena

Sat Jul 01 – Atlanta, GA – State Farm Arena

Sun Jul 02 – Atlanta, GA – State Farm Arena

Wed Jul 05 – Chicago, IL – United Center

Thu Jul 06 – Chicago, IL – United Center

Sat Jul 08 – Detroit, MI – Little Caesars Arena

Tue Jul 11 – Boston, MA – TD Garden

Wed Jul 12 – Boston, MA – TD Garden

Fri Jul 14 – Montreal, QC – Bell Centre

Mon Jul 17 – Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center

Tue Jul 18 – Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center

Tue Jul 25 – New York, NY – Madison Square Garden

Wed Jul 26 – New York, NY – Madison Square Garden

Fri Jul 28 – Washington, DC – Capital One Arena

Mon Jul 31 – Philadelphia, PA – Wells Fargo Center

Sat Aug 12 – Inglewood, CA – Kia Forum

Sun Aug 13 – Inglewood, CA – Kia Forum

Fri Aug 18 – San Francisco, CA – Chase Center

Mon Aug 21 – Los Angeles, CA – Arena

Tue Aug 22 – Los Angeles, CA – Arena

Fri Aug 25 – Seattle, WA – Climate Pledge Arena

Mon Aug 28 – Vancouver, BC – Rogers Arena

Fri Sep 01 – Las Vegas, NV – T-Mobile Arena

Tue Sep 05 – Glendale, AZ – Desert Diamond Arena

*Additional shows including Toronto to be announced at a later date.


Drake is one of the most successful hip hop artists in the world. The Canadian rapper first gained serious attention in 2009 when he debuted his EP So Far Gone, named the hottest mixtape of the year by MTV. Fast forward to 2018, Drake dropped the platinum double LP, Scorpion which included a staggering 25 tracks. Succeeding the album’s release, Drake hit the road headlining Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour across the US with surprise guests, Meek Mill, French Montana, Travis Scott and many others. While taking a break from touring in the last five years Drake has developed some of his best work. Topping the U.S. charts in August of 2019, Drake released Care Package, his first compilation album that consists of songs from 2010 to 2016 that weren’t initially available for commercial streaming. In September of 2021, Drake released his most highly anticipated album yet. Certified Lover Boy became his sixth studio album and broke Apple Music’s one-day streaming record in under 12 hours. Leading into Summer of 2022, Drake surprised fans with his seventh studio album, Honestly Nevermind which includes a notable feature from 21 Savage. Most recently in November of 2022 Drake and 21 Savage came out with a collaborative studio album titled Her Loss. The album reached number one on the Billboard’s 200 chart and all 16 songs debuted on Billboard’s Hot 100 list.

Follow Drake:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


Grammy Award Winning multi platinum artist 21 Savage, one of the most sought after rappers of this generation, landed his 2nd #1 album in 2020 with the release of Savage Mode 2, the follow up to 2016’s platinum certified record Savage Mode. His 2019 album i am > i was, which received platinum certification and was nominated for Best Album of the Year in 2020, earned him a Grammy for Best Rap Song for “A Lot.” In 2022 the collaborative album with Drake, Her Loss also went on to debut on Billboard 200 Album Charts at No.1 making this his 3rd album to top the charts. Through his award winning foundation Leading by Example founded in 2018, Savage provides financial literacy education to underserved youth nationwide providing thousands of scholarships, access to bank accounts and job placement for teens and students alike. In December 2022 the state of Georgia recognized December 21st as 21 Savage Day in recognition of his extraordinary philanthropic efforts.

Follow 21 Savage:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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About VisaVisa (NYSE: V) is a world leader in digital payments, facilitating transactions between consumers, merchants, financial institutions and government entities across more than 200 countries and territories. Our mission is to connect the world through the most innovative, convenient, reliable and secure payments network, enabling individuals, businesses and economies to thrive. We believe that economies that include everyone everywhere, uplift everyone everywhere and see access as foundational to the future of money movement. Learn more at

About The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) is a total beverage company with products sold in more than 200 countries and territories. Our company’s purpose is to refresh the world and make a difference. We sell multiple billion-dollar brands across several beverage categories worldwide. Our portfolio of sparkling soft drink brands includes Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fanta. Our hydration, sports, coffee and tea brands include Dasani, smartwater, vitaminwater, Topo Chico, BODYARMOR, Powerade, Costa, Georgia, Gold Peak and Ayataka. Our nutrition, juice, dairy and plant-based beverage brands include Minute Maid, Simply, innocent, Del Valle, fairlife and AdeS. We’re constantly transforming our portfolio, from reducing sugar in our drinks to bringing innovative new products to market. We seek to positively impact people’s lives, communities and the planet through water replenishment, packaging recycling, sustainable sourcing practices and carbon emissions reductions across our value chain. Together with our bottling partners, we employ more than 700,000 people, helping bring economic opportunity to local communities worldwide. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Live Nation Entertainment

Live Nation Entertainment (NYSE: LYV) is the world’s leading live entertainment company comprised of global market leaders: Ticketmaster, Live Nation Concerts, and Live Nation Sponsorship. For additional information, visit



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Essential Eats And Drinks In Prosper, Anna, Melissa and Princeton, Texas

With so many people moving into north Collin County, you are probably wondering what is all up there besides the sprawling housing developments. That’s why we rounded up some of the restaurants that are now open, organized by each town.ANNA, TEXASCrow’s Country CafeClaiming to be home to the best local chicken fried steak, Crow’s Cou...

With so many people moving into north Collin County, you are probably wondering what is all up there besides the sprawling housing developments. That’s why we rounded up some of the restaurants that are now open, organized by each town.


Crow’s Country Cafe

Claiming to be home to the best local chicken fried steak, Crow’s Country Cafe’s home cookery is sure to tempt any Texan’s palette. Order one of their signature steaks and shrimp, build-your-own burgers, or even get a dirty crow’s nest. Sign up with their email newsletter for new menu items and special deals through the week, and catch them on Fourth Street every day except Mondays.


Enjoy the best of what the Mediterranean has to offer at Lihoudies in Anna. They serve up fresh Greek cuisine and baked goods sourced fresh from Texas markets to ensure whatever is on their table is the freshest of the season. They have everything from hummus platters, tzatziki, gyro salads and babaganoush with pita bread. Enjoy their food in-house or from their specially packaged to-go offerings.

Sushi Go

Casual dining sushi isn’t out of reach in the far north corners of North Texas, so check out Sushi Go on White Street in Anna. They have a variety of rolls such as fuji mountain, caterpillar, crab lover, fire dragon and crazy shrimp. Find them between Walmart and Brookshires for dine in or carry out.

Spurlock’s Malt Shop

Featuring the first neon sign ever erected in Anna, Spurlock’s Malt Shop has been a local favorite since 1959. Featuring a simplistic menu with burgers and hot dogs, Spurlocks has been a nearly seventy year tradition off of Highway 5. Step back in time with their antiquated storefront and pressboard menu. For more, check out Local Profile‘s previous coverage.

Sunview Cafe

Established in 2016, Sunview is quickly spreading through the northern reaches of DFW with locations in The Colony, Lewisville, Allen, Anna and Melissa. Get your brunch, breakfast, or lunch fix at any of those locations between 7 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.


Cardinal Nutrition

Are smoothies and juices your jam? Want to drink healthy, good-for-you drinks or want a morning treat before your workday? Stop by Cardinal Nutrition and try one of their power smoothies or a (nutritious!) cookie dough shake. Order online or stop by their location on 121 in Melissa.

George’s Coffee @ 121

Conveniently located right off 121, George’s Coffee has an extensive menu with every flavor syrup imaginable — your drinks are completely customizable and are best paired with one of their grab-and-go snacks. You can always keep things simple by ordering one of their signature drinks, such as the George’s mocha caramel, seasonal, or a mango peach smoothie. Reserve their meeting room to study or meet with colleagues while enjoying your drinks.

Sugar Babes Donuts & Deli

With over twenty varieties of donuts, ten different sandwiches and a build-your-own burger option, you could eat at Sugar Babes breakfast and lunch and never get bored of options. Everything is always made fresh and to order every day. You can even place orders for customizable decorated donuts.

The Red Feather

Ever wanted a wine bar that had a thoughtfully crafted menu that paired well with the drinks? The Red Feather is the place for you. With live music on the weekends and a variety of charcuterie boards, salads, flatbreads, paninis and starters, this will quickly become your favorite place to hang out in Melissa. You can find them off of Sentinel Way, and online to check out their weekly specials and happy hour deals!


The Brass Tap

With over 150 craft beers on tap, this is the perfect place for you or your beer obsessed family member or friend. With bingo and trivia nights galore, there is always something different happening at The Brass Tap. You can also check out their menu that includes sandwiches, wraps, burgers, tacos, salads and even three different types of gourmet grilled cheese.

Honeylu’s Coffee

Boasting the best craft coffee in Prosper, Honeylu’s is bringing it back to basics with their signature drip, single-origin, pour-over and cold brews sure to please any pretentious coffee lover. For those less particular or with a sweet tooth, they also offer frozen coffees and a variety of house-made syrups. You can even book their coffee truck the Speedy Bean for your next event, or book a cupping or Coffee 101 class where you learn about the history, flavor profiles, and grind settings.


The name is just like the food: a combination or a Lao and Thai phrase, meaning “happy” and “good,” which is the feeling that this restaurant hopes their food gives you. Try one of their featured favorites such as their pad Thai, basil fried rice, nam khao or their basil stir fry. Featured in publications such as Bon Appetit, their South Preston Road location is one of several in DFW. There is also one in California.

Smoothies + Coffee

On naming Smoothies and Coffee, the owner just smiled and said he “wanted patrons to know exactly what we were about.” With fully customizable smoothies and coffee beverages, customers can add everything from protein powder to electrolytes to extra espresso shots. This family-run place is easy to spot from Highway 380 and also features a drive-thru for an even quicker pick-me-up. Swing by today and check them out on Instagram.


Big Spray Brewing

Part pub, part restaurant, all laid back. Besides hosting live music and events, Big Spray Brewing frequently tries out new food items (pizza deviled eggs, anyone?). Hang out to watch your favorite team or catch up with friends, old and new.

Jocy’s Restaurant

The best of Americana comfort food can be found at Jocy’s in Princeton. Try one of their half-pound burgers, sandwiches or salads either in the restaurant or from their new online ordering program. All their food is made-to-order from scratch with only fresh ingredients. Check them out on West Princeton Road.

In case you missed it, check out Local Profile‘s list of essential restaurants in downtown McKinney.

Tagged: collin countyfoodmelissaNorth TexasProsper

Melissa (Texas) building $35 million high school football stadium

Another Texas school district is getting ready to build an eight-figure high school football stadium. The Melissa Independent School District is eyeing a $35-million football stadium and indoor practice facility.Last week, the football team’s Twitter account posted a rendering of the new Coach Kenny Deel Stadium, which will hold nearly 10,000 fans. The new facility, scheduled to open in 2023, will replace Cardinal Field with a capacity of about 3,100.2023 Seas...

Another Texas school district is getting ready to build an eight-figure high school football stadium. The Melissa Independent School District is eyeing a $35-million football stadium and indoor practice facility.

Last week, the football team’s Twitter account posted a rendering of the new Coach Kenny Deel Stadium, which will hold nearly 10,000 fans. The new facility, scheduled to open in 2023, will replace Cardinal Field with a capacity of about 3,100.

2023 Season!!! Always a great day to be a Melissa Cardinal!!

— Melissa Cardinal Football (@FootballMelissa) March 31, 2022

The City of Melissa, Texas, less than 50 miles northeast of Dallas, is growing. According to census figures, Melissa saw a 36-percent increase in population from 2010 to 2020. The city’s current population is estimated to be around 18,100.

Eleven years ago, the Melissa High School football program won its only state football championship in one of the smallest classifications (2A Division I) in the state. In 2022, the Cardinals will be in Class 5A Division II.

Related: 2022-2024 UIL alignment

High School Football America is proud to announce its second annual Arkansas Academic All-America Team for the 2021 high school football season. Our Academic All-America Team is powered by scoutSMART®, helping student-athletes get noticed at the next level.

In order to be considered for our 2021 Academic All-America Team, a player had to be a contributing member of a varsity football program in 2021 and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.

scoutSMART uses its proprietary system that gives high school football student-athletes a scoutSMART FIT Score that analyzes a players’ stats, on-field skills and academics. scoutSMART then provides the information to college football coaches, at all-levels, around the nation.

Arkansas Academic All-Americans powered by scoutSMART®

Name Position School Class
Rykar Acebo QB Jonesboro 2022
Jontavion Bruin LB Blytheville 2023
Charlie Fiser QB Pulaski Academy 2022
Mark Gabble OL Jonesboro 2024
Mario Ganter DB El Dorado 2022
Brian Gittens RB Little Rock Christian Academy 2022
Wills Gullic OL Blytheville 2023
Jaden Hamilton Wells LB Valley View 2022
Kaden Henley LB Shiloh Christian 2022
Peyton Hester DB Hackett 2022
Joseph Himon RB Pulaski Academy 2022
JJ Hollingsworth DL Greenland 2022
Alex Hurtz K Lake Hamilton 2022
Braylon Johnson DB White Hall 2022
William Litton QB Quitman 2022
Jackson Morse WR Central Arkansas Christian 2022
Austin Myers QB Vilonia 2022
Kavon Pointer WR Jonesboro 2022
Mason Roland WR Perryville 2022
Brandon Scott QB Charleston 2023
Vaughn Seelicke K Pulaski Academy 2022
Cedric Simmons QB Malvern 2023
Pierce Smalley QB Hot Springs 2022
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Melissa stuns Lovejoy with late 2-point conversion to win first district title at 5A level

LUCAS — The decision — one that’d decide whether Melissa closed its regular season as a district champion or a valiant runner-up — had been made well before the opportunity to act on it had even materialized.Believe it or not, it had been decided on sometime around when Lovejoy, a regional finalist in each of the last two seasons, had possession of the ball and a one-score lead with five minutes left in the fourth quarter.The decision? If Melissa. in some scenario, were able to score a touchdown late and...

LUCAS — The decision — one that’d decide whether Melissa closed its regular season as a district champion or a valiant runner-up — had been made well before the opportunity to act on it had even materialized.

Believe it or not, it had been decided on sometime around when Lovejoy, a regional finalist in each of the last two seasons, had possession of the ball and a one-score lead with five minutes left in the fourth quarter.

The decision? If Melissa. in some scenario, were able to score a touchdown late and cut Lovejoy’s lead to a single point, it’d attempt a 2-point conversion for the win instead of an extra point for the tie at Thursday’s District 7-5A Div. II championship game at Leopard Stadium.

“I told my [offensive coordinator], ‘If we score, have a 2-point play ready to go,’” Melissa coach Matt Nally said.

Considering that Melissa had never led at any point in the game, and that it was concluding just its first regular season at the 5A level, and Lovejoy has been among the Dallas area’s best in that classification for several year, Nally’s called-shot might’ve seemed somewhat ambitious, or at the very least, incredibly confident.

That might just be the best way to describe this Melissa team.

Melissa (8-2, 7-0) scored a touchdown with 52 seconds left in the fourth quarter to pull within one point of Lovejoy (7-3, 6-1), as junior quarterback Trever Ham connected with classmate Karson Maynard for a 24-yard score. Then came that decision. Ham dropped back into the pocket, took a quick look to his right and found junior Gunnar Wilson for a successful 2-point conversion, one that gave Melissa a definitive 36-35 lead and a district crown.

“I think a lot of guys, us getting moved up to 5A, are going to overlook us,” said Maynard, who caught three touchdowns. “And we love that.”

Said Nally: “I did not want to go into overtime with [Lovejoy], so I just decide, I’m going to go for two.”

Again, incredible confidence. But can you blame Maynard and the rest of Melissa’s team? One season after competing at the 4A level, Melissa will be the district’s top postseason seed and play Hallsville (6-3, 3-2 District 8-5A Div. II) in the bi-district round. And to do so, it needed to whether the storm of one of DFW’s deepest offenses, as Lovejoy, fifth in The Dallas Morning News’ area 5A rankings, held as much as a 14-point at the start of the fourth quarter on its own turf.

“This morning, we had one of our [defensive back] coaches come up, and he talked about resilience,” Maynard said. “That was a big thing we took into this game.”

Add “resilient” to the list of words that describe Melissa, too.

Lovejoy has an offense spearheaded by one of the nation’s premier wide receiver corps. It showed on Thursday, as senior LSU pledge Kyle Parker (one rushing touchdown, one punt return touchdown), three-star junior Parker Livingstone (two receiving touchdowns) and SMU pledge Jaxson Lavender (one receiving touchdown) each scored and helped stake Lovejoy leads of 14-7, 21-13 and 35-21 after each respective quarter.

Melissa, ranked 11th, opened the fourth quarter with a 4-yard touchdown pass from Ham to Maynard (13 catches, 136 yards, 3 touchdowns). It forced a Lovejoy punt after a 12-play drive on the next possession, but Ham, with 4:53 left in the game, was intercepted by Lovejoy senior Owen Magee.

Ham, Melissa’s first-year starting quarterback, was intercepted three times over the course of the game. He still maintained enough poise to throw the late touchdown to Maynard and the 2-point conversion to Wilson.

“That’s what a quarterback does,” Nally said. “They overcome adversity, and that’s what he did. He overcame adversity.”

Melissa forced a Lovejoy turnover on downs on the ensuing possession, as it clogged up each and every hole on a fourth down run attempt, then scored the go-ahead 2-point conversion just under two minutes later after a 9-play, 48-yard drive. Lovejoy, which will play Whitehouse (8-2, 4-2) in the bi-district round, couldn’t execute a late rally as it advanced just to its own 40-yard line on its drive following Melissa’s go-ahead score before time expired.

“It was never a doubt in any kids’ mind when we fell behind,” Nally said. “There was always a belief, and I think it’s just the program taking over.”


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