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Elite Level Fire Damage Restoration in Azle, TX

Fire damage to your home is one of the most traumatizing, frightening tragedies a person can experience. This is especially true in apartment buildings and multifamily homes, where dozens if not hundreds of families are affected by fire and smoke damage. When a fire rips through an apartment building, the property damage can be catastrophic. But the damage caused by fires doesn't end once the flames have been extinguished. Victims are left wondering what happens next now that their belongings are destroyed. When will they have a roof over their again?

In these circumstances, prompt, purpose-driven fire damage restoration is key to reducing victims' financial and emotional strain.

The National Fire Protection Association states that a structure fire is reported every 65 seconds. When the fire alarm sounds, emergency responders answer the call for help with decisive action. But once the smoke clears, Atlas National Renovations' team of fire restoration experts step in to give hope to property managers, apartment tenants, and commercial property owners.

With decades of combined experience in disaster recovery, ANR understands the complexities associated with commercial and apartment building fires. We have helped the top multifamily groups in Texas recover their tenants' homes and belongings with care and compassion. If you're a property manager and you're still reeling from a fire disaster, know that we're here to help you too.

At Atlas National Renovations, our expert project managers and technicians play key roles in complicated fire restoration projects. We specialize in restoring Class A, B, and C properties like apartment complexes, high-rise buildings, multifamily buildings, mixed-use developments, large commercial properties, and more.

Service Areas

If you're looking for a top-tier fire damage restoration company in Azle, look no further than ANR. We're the top pick when it comes to large, detailed fire restoration projects because we:

  • Are a Trusted Partner in Restoration and Disaster Recovery
  • Adhere to OSHA Standards and State & Federal Regulations
  • Use the Latest Equipment & Remediation Techniques
  • Offer Innovative Solutions to Detailed Problems
  • Provide Seasoned Project Managers for Each Fire Restoration Project
  • Give Clients Clear and Consistent Communication
  • Work with Insurance Companies
  • Have a Knowledgeable & Courteous Leadership Team

Fire Damage Restoration for Apartment Buildings in Azle, TX

Owners and managers of apartment complexes know that the safety of their tenants is a major responsibility. Unfortunately, nobody can completely control when apartment fires occur. Fires in apartments and multifamily buildings may start small, but they spread quickly, often destroying several living spaces. These frightening fires destroy prized heirlooms, important documents, and can even be fatal. However, the work is only beginning once the fire is put out and lives are saved.

In the aftermath of a disaster, figuring out the next steps is hard. During this difficult time, it's important to be prepared. As a property manager or owner, having a fire damage restoration company on your checklist of resources is crucial.

Unlike residential fires, apartment and multifamily building fires add several more layers of complexity and stress. In these situations, you deserve a restoration partner that you can trust without question, and that company is Atlas National Renovations.

Disaster Recovery Azle, TX

With years of experience guiding our technicians and project managers, the ANS team responds quickly to your fire damage emergency. Using advanced protocols and state-of-the-art restoration equipment, we get to work quickly to repair and restore your commercial property to its pre-loss condition. While restoring your property, we always keep your tenant's care and comfort in mind.

Our fire restoration services in Azle are comprehensive and include the following:

  • Rapid Mobilization and Response
  • Overall Catastrophe Management
  • Emergency Board-Up Services
  • Debris Removal and Disposal
  • Apartment Content Inventory and Cleaning
  • Soot and Smoke Removal Services
  • Water Extraction
  • Deodorization
  • HVAC Cleaning and Decontamination
  • Shoring Installment to Secure Buildings
  • Interior & Exterior Renovations

Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

It's imperative to have someone with knowledge and experience on your side during a fire crisis.

When you call ANS, our fire restoration experts can help walk you through the steps you need to take once a fire occurs. This allows us to quickly gain control of the restoration project on your behalf. Once we have inspected your property, we'll provide a detailed report and scope of work for your fire damage restoration project.

ANS repairs all property damage caused by soot, smoke, and fire. Our IICRC-certified fire restoration teams construct the best plan to quickly get your building back to its pre-loss condition.

 Renovations Azle, TX

Because every property is different, each fire restoration project for apartment buildings is too. However, every fire disaster will have a similar process and will often include:

Contact ANS

Your fire restoration process begins when you call our headquarters. Our specialist will ask you a series of questions about the fire event that occurred. That way, we can arrive on-site with the proper resources and equipment.

Fire Damage Assessment
and Inspection

Our fire damage restoration team will carefully inspect the entirety of your apartment complex, from building to building and room to room. We do so to determine the extent of your apartment's fire, smoke, and soot damage. This step is crucial to developing a comprehensive restoration plan.

Board-Up Services

First responders like firefighters must break windows and cut holes in roofs to slow fire growth and save lives. Once the fire is out, our team can get to work, boarding up holes and constructing temporary fencing around the property.

Water Removal

If there is water damage associated with your apartment fire, we'll remove most of the water immediately. From there, we use air movers and dehumidifiers to help complete the drying process.

Smoke and Soot Removal

Within minutes of a fire, walls, electronics, and other surfaces are covered in soot. Smoke and ash continue to cause damage to every inch of your apartment building. That's why ANS uses specialized equipment to remediate smoke damage and remove odors. This process is often labor-intensive and can take time, especially for large fire damage restoration needs.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Using a variety of restoration and cleaning techniques, our team will help clean restorable items and sanitize units for safety.


Getting your apartment buildings to their pre-fire conditions is our ultimate goal. Depending on the size and scope of the fire restoration job, minor repairs like painting, drywall replacement, and new carpet installation might be needed. You might also need major structural renovations like re-siding, re-roofing, new window installation, floor replacement, and more.

Tips for Preventing Apartment Fires

If you're a property manager or own multifamily residential buildings, the thought of an apartment fire is terrifying. What starts as a small fire can quickly turn into a catastrophic event, with your entire complex up in flames. However, one of the best ways of preventing these fires is to know more about them.

Share these tips with tenants to help prevent deadly apartment fires:

Turn Off Heat Sources

Turn Off Heat Sources

Data shows that a large number of apartment fires begin with cooking. Often, these fires are caused by the ignition of common items like rags, curtains, wallpapers, and bags. Encourage tenants to keep their kitchens and cooking areas clear of combustibles. Never leave a stove unattended for long, and don't leave burners on by themselves. Unintentional mishaps like leaving heat sources on are common causes of fires that can be prevented with a little forethought.

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

Like heat sources, electrical malfunctions are also common causes of fires in apartment complexes. It's hard to prevent all electrical malfunctions, but you can tell tenants to avoid bad habits. Tips include never using extension cords as permanent solutions and never using a cable if the third prong is missing.

Appliance Safety

Appliance Safety

Appliances are a part of everyone's lives. They're also standard equipment in most apartment units. But if tenants don't take proper precautions, these useful tools can spark deadly fires.

Tips for Preventing Apartment Fires

No matter how large or small, fires are nightmare scenarios for entrepreneurs with commercial properties. Fire damage can completely ruin storefronts and offices, leaving charred remains and burned-up files before firefighters arrive. To make matters worse, soot and smoke damage ruin your businesses' furniture, HVAC system, carpet, walls, and windows.

To eliminate health hazards and restore your business to its pre-fire condition, you need to bring in a team of professionals with years of experience in fire damage remediation. At ANR, we use commercial-grade equipment and cutting-edge tools to clean up the aftermath of your fire and rebuild your property. That way, you can get back to running your business and providing for your family.

 Apartment Renovations Azle, TX

Share these tips with tenants to help prevent deadly apartment fires:

Remove Smoke and Fire Damage

 Home Renovations Azle, TX

One of the most common causes of large commercial loss stems from smoke and fire damage. Of course, these disasters cause injuries and fatalities. But they also generate tremendous amounts of damage, rot, mold, and harm to structures. Not to mention the devastation that fire damage has to the appearance and livability of the facility. Fire damage restoration companies restore - and also prevent - the root cause of the fire. Electrical outlets, wires, and other fire-prone items will all be addressed to prevent a subsequent disaster.

Highly Skilled

 Home Restorations Azle, TX

The best fire damage restoration professionals are highly-trained, exceptionally skilled, and properly equipped to deal with every aspect of a commercial fire. From handling major renovations to taking care of the lingering effects of smoke damage, pro fire restoration companies take care of it for you. Hiring ANR means you'll be working with technicians who have the knowledge, tools, and materials to get the job done right the first time.

Insurance Claims

 Multifamily Home Renovations Azle, TX

When you start the claim process with your businesses' insurance company, they'll ask whether you've hired a fire damage restoration company. That's because companies like Atlas prevent further damage from occurring and calculate an estimate of your total loss. You can submit this estimate to your insurance company, which may then provide you with resources to complete your company's disaster recovery mt-md-1

Discover the
Atlas Difference

Fire damage restoration is a crucial, complex process that professionals must perform. With decades of expertise, unmatched restoration quality, and the scalability for any job, Atlas National Renovations is well-equipped to be your single source for commercial fire damage restoration in Azle, TX. We are specially equipped to make difficult restoration projects easy for owners.

When a fire disaster strikes, you need a timely response from a trustworthy team of experts. Don't settle for a mediocre fire restoration partner. Choose ANR to get the job done right the first time. Contact our office today to learn more about our fire restoration services in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.


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Latest News in Azle, TX

AO Pack box-making machinery represented by Lake View Sales of Azle, Texas

Lake View Sales of Azle, Texas celebrates its 25th year in business by adding the AO Pack boxmaker line of machinery.Azle, United States - February 22, 2023 --Lake View Sales specializes in supplying short-run box-making machines to businesses that need a variety of box sizes/styles in small quantities (1-1000) on a JIT schedule. Businesses that want to reduce their box inventory, waste, and cost should look at a short-run boxmaker. Lake View Sales has shor...

Lake View Sales of Azle, Texas celebrates its 25th year in business by adding the AO Pack boxmaker line of machinery.

Azle, United States - February 22, 2023 --

Lake View Sales specializes in supplying short-run box-making machines to businesses that need a variety of box sizes/styles in small quantities (1-1000) on a JIT schedule. Businesses that want to reduce their box inventory, waste, and cost should look at a short-run boxmaker. Lake View Sales has short-run boxmakers that can make over 100 different box styles in almost any custom size. Machines that can be set up in 60-90 seconds to make a particular box size/style. Machines that can produce 300 boxes and more per hour. Lake View Sales' short-run boxmakers allow customers to make what they need when they need it. "Our new line of AO Pack boxmakers provides all of these benefits," said Owner Jerry Jenkins.

Lake View Sales offers a wide variety of new and used short-run boxmaking machines. Short-run machines are designed and built to be operated by almost anyone with very minimal training. Consider a business that needs 27 of a certain box size or style, then later needs 73 of a different size or style...and this is a regular occurrence. A regular box supplier is usually not equipped to deliver irregular quantities of custom sizes. Then there are the issues of timeliness and cost. A short-run boxmaker may offer the solution. Businesses with their own boxmaker control their own schedule. Also, making a couple custom box sizes or styles on their own machine is going to be far less costly.

Today's short-run machines are the best yet. For example, Lake View Sales offers the BM series of models from AO Pack that can automatically feed up to 30 corrugated board sheets...or can feed continuous-length fan fold corrugated sheet stock. The machines can cut the sheets to exact size, score and slot to produce the style and precise size required. Multiple boxes can be produced from a single sheet if it is large enough. An operator can also simply feed a single sheet into the machine to produce a single, unique box size/style.

With over 25 years of experience, Lake View Sales knows how to determine whether a short-run boxmaking machine makes sense in a given application. There are multiple factors to consider. Some are more important to certain customers and not others. "We have some customers who have paid for their machine with just the savings from their reduced box inventory," said Jenkins. Further, the cost of obsolete and damaged boxes can be virtually eliminated.

For more information, people should contact Jerry directly at Lake View Sales via email at or by phone at 817-270-1019.

Contact Info: Name: Jerry Jenkins Email: Send Email Organization: Lakeview Sales Address: 218 North Broadway, Azle, Texas 76020, United States Phone: +1-817-270-1019 Website:

Release ID: 89090471

If you detect any issues, problems, or errors in this press release content, kindly contact to notify us. We will respond and rectify the situation in the next 8 hours.


First Alert Weather: Icy conditions continue Thursday

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) — Today, North Texas continues to see cold and icy conditions. Black ice continues to cover roads and freeways, creating dangerous driving conditions this morning. Some North Texans are waking up to power outages across North Texas. Warmer temperatures are expected this afternoon, but with that, more rain as well. 6:01 PM / February 2, 2023Meals on Wheels Tarrant County closed FridayMeals on Wheels of Tarrant County will be closed on Friday, Feb. 3 due to continued uns...

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) — Today, North Texas continues to see cold and icy conditions. Black ice continues to cover roads and freeways, creating dangerous driving conditions this morning. Some North Texans are waking up to power outages across North Texas. Warmer temperatures are expected this afternoon, but with that, more rain as well.

6:01 PM / February 2, 2023

Meals on Wheels Tarrant County closed Friday

Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County will be closed on Friday, Feb. 3 due to continued unsafe driving conditions.

Meals on Wheels said it will resume meal deliveries on Monday, Feb. 6.

By CBS Texas Staff

4:16 PM / February 2, 2023

City of Plano to reopen Friday

The City of Plano announced all city facilities will be open on Friday, Feb. 3.

Libraries and recreation centers will be open at 9 a.m.

Also open on Friday:

Customer and Utility Services open to walk-in

Municipal Court and Municipal Court Clerk's Office

Day Labor Center

Texas Pure Products

As for trash collection, the city said that roads are still too icy to navigate and ice accumulations on trees pose another risk. Residents should leave their carts at the collection point. Once service is resumed, trash/recycling will be picked up from those who have regular service on Tuesday.

The following day, trash/recycling will be picked up from those who have regular service on Wednesday and so on.

Crews will work as quickly as possible and will continue service through Saturday. Any collections not complete by Saturday will be addressed on Monday. Yard debris will also not be collected this week.

By CBS Texas Staff

2:31 PM / February 2, 2023

Fallen tree delays DART Blue Line service

Riders of DART's Blue Line should expect delays, officials said, after ice caused a tree to fall onto overhead wires.

Customers will either have to wait longer or look for shuttle buses between SMU/Mockingbird and White Rock stations due to the damage.

By Alex Keller

1:01 PM / February 2, 2023

DART Rail service operating on modified schedule

DART Rail service has officially been restored and will operate on a modified 30-minute schedule.

The earlier Blue Line shuttle has been canceled and all rail lines are back to normal operating procedures.

Some delays are still possible due to lingering icy conditions.

By Alex Keller

12:16 PM / February 2, 2023

Frisco announces plan to resume garbage pickup

Frisco will resume garbage pickup on Friday morning, pushing routes back a day and allowing residents to place extra bags outside.

Thursday routes will now be picked up on Feb. 3. The city said both trash and recycling carts should be placed for collection before 7 a.m. Similarly, Friday routes will be pushed to Feb. 4.

"The alleys are still too icy for the trucks to operate safely," said Jeremy Starritt, Environmental Services Manager. "We essentially had to 'trash the trash only' approach and switch gears. Our contractor believes this new schedule will be the most efficient and safest plan moving forward."

Normal routes resume on Monday, Feb. 6, and residents will be allowed to leave up to five extra bags of recycling next to their carts that day. On Tuesday and Wednesday, customers are allowed to leave five bags of trash in addition to the five bags of recycling next to their carts. The city said bags should not be placed on top of the cart.

Recycling can also be brought to the Environmental Collection Center at 6616 Walnut St. from Monday to Saturday and dropped off for free. Residents with Frisco water bills will also be allowed to dispose of trash, recycling, yard waste, household chemicals, and electronics on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The Custer Transfer Station, Plano Parkway Transfer Station, and Melissa landfill are also open for extended hours from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Saturday. Customers will have to show a Frisco water bill and driver's license.

Bulk trash collection will resume on a normal schedule next Monday, Feb. 13.

By Alex Keller

10:05 AM / February 2, 2023

Trash pickup restarts on Friday in Dallas

Dallas will resume collecting garbage and recycling from residents on Friday.

The city said that anyone whose pickup day fell on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday will be allowed to set out extra bags next week. The closed lid policy will be suspended, and anything that doesn't fit in the rollcart should be placed on top of or next to the containers.

However, these residents are asked to keep their carts in until their pickup day next week.

The McCommas Bluff Landfill and transfer stations - where disposal is free for Dallas residents - will resume regular operation on Friday as well.

By Alex Keller

9:44 AM / February 2, 2023

Fort Worth to resume normal trash collection Monday

Fort Worth will resume its normal trash pickup schedule on Monday, the city says.

Garbage and recycling collection is scheduled for tomorrow, but bulk items will not be picked up until Feb. 6.

To make up for the delayed pickup, the city is allowing residents to set out an extra four bags of garbage on their regular pickup day for the week of Feb. 6 through Feb. 10. Code Compliance will suspend enforcement of bagged garbage outside of carts or dumpsters until collections are caught up and will work with residents and businesses to fix any issues.

Drop-off stations and the Environmental Collection Center go back to normal operations today for anyone who wants to drop off their garbage.

Yard waste collections will not resume until Monday, Feb. 13 so that staff and equipment can be concentrated on collections next week.

By Alex Keller

9:18 AM / February 2, 2023

Power outage update

As of 9:15 a.m., Oncor is reporting 4,197 active outages affecting 152,581 customers across Texas.

The majority of outages in North Texas are in eastern Tarrant County and northeastern Dallas County.

Earlier this morning, Nick Starling drove through Dallas and reported that ice was weighing down branches and power lines.

By Alex Keller

9:13 AM / February 2, 2023

Plano streets improving, but many facilities still closed

The city of Plano says that although travel conditions are improving, many of their facilities will remain closed today.

Major streets are reportedly slushy but passable, but neighborhood streets are still covered in ice. Sand trucks are still out on the roads, but mostly focusing on bridges and other trouble spots.

Since side streets, sidewalks, and parking lots are still iced over, recreation centers and libraries will not reopen until tomorrow. Anyone who missed classes will be offered make-ups or a refund.

Trash collection will be delayed until at least noon while supervisors inspect routes.

By Alex Keller

8:42 AM / February 2, 2023

Ice storm warning expires at 9 a.m.

The ice storm warning issued for parts of North Texas is set to expire at 9 a.m. Thursday morning. However, roads are still expected to be slick and travel impacts will likely persist through the morning.

By CBS Texas Staff

6:22 AM / February 2, 2023

MedStar response update

6:22 a.m. - Over the last 12 hours, MedStar has responded to the following calls:

Since Monday at 5:00 a.m., MedStar personnel have responded to:

MedStar reported on Wednesday afternoon that their crews had responded to fewer calls than over the days prior, crediting the drop-off in part thanks to drivers staying home.

By CBS Texas Staff

6:07 AM / February 2, 2023

Flight delays and cancellations continue

6:05 a.m. - Flights out of North Texas continue to be delayed or cancelled this morning. Check with your airline for the status of your flight if you had plans to fly today.

DFW International AirportTotal delays today: 14Total cancellations today: 510

Dallas Love Field AirportTotal delays today: 10Total cancellations today: 34

By CBS Texas Staff

6:00 AM / February 2, 2023

Families waking up without power

6:00 a.m. - In parts of North Texas, Ice has weighed down power lines, causing them to sag. Oncor crews are working to restore power to those affected.

By CBS Texas Staff

5:26 AM / February 2, 2023

Schools closed Thursday, Feb. 2

5:25 a.m. - Several North Texas school districts have cancelled classes for the day, including Azle ISD, Dallas ISD, Fort Worth ISD and Plano ISD.

See our updated list of school closings here.

By CBS Texas Staff

5:19 AM / February 2, 2023

Oncor outages this morning

5:20 a.m. - Out of nearly 4 million customers, the following are being impacted by the winter weather in North Texas:

Active outages — 3.602

Affected customers — 135,089

By CBS Texas Staff

2023 Mission Planting Grant Recipients Announced

SPRINGFIELD, VA [OCA]The Department of Evangelization of the Orthodox Church in America announces the 2023 Mission Planting Grant recipients:Saint Ambrose of Milan Mission in Roanoke, VA is awarded a first-year grant of $40,000. A rebooted mission which was originally established in 1979, the Orthodox community is on track to grow by 75% throu...


The Department of Evangelization of the Orthodox Church in America announces the 2023 Mission Planting Grant recipients:

Saint Ambrose of Milan Mission in Roanoke, VA is awarded a first-year grant of $40,000. A rebooted mission which was originally established in 1979, the Orthodox community is on track to grow by 75% through the duration of the program. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia, the area has seen steady population and job growth. Father Jeremy McKemy is the priest-in-charge of the mission located in the Appalachian Deanery of the Diocese of the South.

Archangel Gabriel Mission in Hickory, NC is awarded a first-year grant of $40,000. Located in the rapidly growing area near both Charlotte and Greensboro, the growing mission established in 2014 is seeking to purchase property in the near future for a permanent home. Father Paul Schellbach is the priest-in-charge of the mission within the Carolina Deanery of the Diocese of the South.

Saint John the Merciful Mission in Kissimmee, FL is awarded a third-year matching grant of $16,000. Established in 2018, the city of Kissimmee is poised to see unprecedented growth over the next decade.

Archangel Gabriel Mission in Azle, TX is awarded a third-year matching grant of $16,000. Established in 2019, Azle is one of the fastest-growing cities in the Greater Fort Worth TX area and the job growth rate is projected to be 40% within the next ten years.

This year, the Metropolitan Council, with the blessing of the Holy Synod of Bishops, established new grant amounts, raising the first-year grant amount to $40,000, the second-year grant to $32,000, and the third-year grant to $24,000. The increase gave consideration to the updated OCA Clergy Salary Guidelines, rising inflation since 2010, and the rising cost of healthcare. However, 2023’s third-year grant recipients will continue with the previous award amounts.

“Each mission must submit to a rigorous application and review process as well as ongoing support provided by the Department of Evangelization. To make the evaluation process as objective as possible, missions are evaluated in the areas of geographic factors, evangelistic outreach efforts, vision, projected growth, the vibrancy of their liturgical, educational, and social life, leadership, and need. Our goal is to ensure that missions are actively reaching out to all those who are seeking Christ in the Orthodox Christian Church.” said Archpriest Thomas Soroka, Project Manager for the Orthodox Church in America.

Grant applications are reviewed and approved by each mission’s respective diocesan bishop before they are submitted. After a review by the Department, recommendations for qualified missions are submitted first to the Metropolitan Council and then to the Holy Synod of Bishops for final approval. The Metropolitan Council approved these grants during a special meeting on February 3, 2023, and the Holy Synod confirmed this decision soon after. The grant money must be used solely to assist in providing a salary for a full-time resident priest and must be matched by the qualifying mission, deanery, or diocese. Grants may be renewed for a maximum of three years. Over $1,000,000 in Church Planting Grants has been awarded to missions since the program was initiated two decades ago

Archpriest Alexander Rentel, Chancellor of the Orthodox Church in America, stated, “This year we were presented with several outstanding candidates for consideration. The Metropolitan Council wanted to affirm the commitment of the Orthodox Church in America to broad mission work bringing the fullness of gospel of Christ to this land. We encourage the faithful to continue to give prayerful financial support to programs like the Mission Planting Grant through the Stewards of the Orthodox Church in America. Additionally, we are deeply grateful for a generous anonymous gift which supports the overall goals of this program.”

The generous gifts of Stewards of the OCA fund the development of programs and resources to assist parishes, missions, and faithful thrive in effective ministry. Consider becoming a Steward today!

Feild on Pace to Win Fifth Bareback Riding Title in Fort Worth

FORT WORTH, Texas — Rodeo fans would be hard pressed to find anyone that has had more success at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo (FWSSR) than bareback rider Kaycee Field from Genola, Utah.He won championships in Will Rogers Coliseum in 2010, 2012 and 2013. When the rodeo moved into Dickies Arena in 2020, he failed to get a check. The next year, the rodeo was postponed because of the pandemic.In 2...

FORT WORTH, Texas — Rodeo fans would be hard pressed to find anyone that has had more success at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo (FWSSR) than bareback rider Kaycee Field from Genola, Utah.

He won championships in Will Rogers Coliseum in 2010, 2012 and 2013. When the rodeo moved into Dickies Arena in 2020, he failed to get a check. The next year, the rodeo was postponed because of the pandemic.

In 2021 Field won his sixth world title making him the greatest bareback rider in the history of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association that December. He entered the 2022 FWSSR ProRodeo Tournament with that new gold buckle and got to add his fourth championship from the legendary event.

This year, Feild is on pace to add another FWSSR title to his rodeo resume. He won both rounds of Bracket 2 with scores of 88 and 93 to advance to the semifinals. Then he competed in Semifinals B and won that with an 89-point ride on Calgary Stampede’s horse named Disco Party. That added $4,000 to the $3,520 that he has won here already and qualified him for the Championship Finals where another $20,000 is at stake.

A year ago, Feild won $26,360 here and if he repeats his championship he will have won $27,520 which will give him a big boost in the world standings and put him on pace to qualify for his 14th Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

The reigning steer wrestling champion in the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association finished at the top of the leaderboard. Walt Arnold, from Coleman, Texas, stopped the clock in 3.8 seconds for the win and $4,000. He finished outside the top 15 that qualify for the NFR in 2022 and is working to be there this coming December. If he finishes in first place Saturday night, this will be the biggest win of his career.

The FWSSR ProRodeo Tournament is one of breakaway roper Erin Johnson’s favorites. She won $13,760 here a year ago and will be vying for the championship after winning Semifinals B with a 2.3-second run.

Canada dominated the saddle bronc riding. Reigning and three-time world champion Zeke Thurston from Big Valley, Alberta, rode the horse named Wild Cherry from the Calgary Stampede stock contracting firm for 90.5 points. Thurston has won rodeos across North America, but the Fort Worth title has eluded him so far.

In the tie-down roping it was Ellensburg, Washington’s Jake Pratt that got the win on Friday. Pratt stopped the clock in 8.3 seconds for $4,000 and a spot in the Championship Finals.

Team roping brothers-in-law Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins stopped the clock in 4.8 seconds to win Semifinals B. Hawkins won this rodeo in the Will Rogers Coliseum in 2014 with a different partner and would love to add another championship to his resume.

The first barrel racer out had the fastest time and it held through the night. Sissy Winn from Corpus Christi stopped the clock in 16.24 seconds and is hoping for a championship buckle from the rodeo.

Stetson Wright of Milford, Utah, won the bull riding on Friday with a 91-point ride. Because of his success Thursday night in Semifinals A in the saddle bronc riding has a chance to win two buckles on Saturday night. Wright’s success on Friday was aboard Rafter G Rodeo’s bull named Megalomaniac.

A highlight of Friday’s rodeo was honoring long-time rodeo journalist Kendra Santos with the Lane Frost Award. Santos, of Creston, California, was in Cheyenne, Wyoming when Frost tragically lost his life bull riding. She has told his story and kept his memory alive for years and will continue to promote all of the goodness that Frost brought in and out of the arena.

Saturday’s championship round will begin in Dickies Arena at 7:30 p.m. In appreciation of the support the Fort Worth Stock Show has received from the community, grounds admission will be free all day with lots of activities to enjoy on the final day of the 126th edition of the show.

FORT WORTH, Texas – The following are unofficial results from the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo’s Pro Rodeo Tournament after the Semi-Final round, February 3, 2023.

Bareback riding: 1, Kaycee Feild, Genola, Utah, 89 points on Calgary Stampede’s Disco Party, $4,000. 2, Taylor Broussard, Estherwood, La., 87.5, $3,000. 3, Kade Sonnier, Carencro, La., 87, $2,000. 4, R.C. Landingham, Hat Creek, Calif., 86, $1,000.

Finals qualifiers: Feild, Broussard, Sonnier and Landingham

Steer wrestling: 1, Walt Arnold, Coleman, Texas, 3.8 seconds, $4,000. 2, Tucker Allen, Oak View, Calif., 4.2, $3,000. 3, Cade Goodman, Waelder, Texas, 5.7, $2,000. 4, Stockton Graves, Alva, Okla., 5.8, $1,000.

Finals qualifiers: Arnold, Allen, Goodman and Graves

Breakaway roping: 1, Erin Johnson, Fowler, Colo., 2.3 seconds, $4,000. 2, Josey Murphy, Keachi, La., 2.5, $3,00. 3, (tie) Hali Williams, Comanche, Texas; Danielle Lowman, Gilbert, Ariz.; and Ashley Goforth, Azle, Texas, 2.6, $1,000 each.

Finals qualifiers: Johnson, Murphy, Williams, Lowman and Goforth

Saddle bronc riding: 1, Zeke Thurston, Big Valley, Alberta, Canada, 90.5 points on Calgary Stampede’s Wild Cherry, $4,000. 2, Ryder Wright, Beaver, Utah, 87.5, $3,000. 3, Tanner Butner, Daniel, Wyo., 85.5, $2,000. 4, Leon Fountain, Socorro, N.M., 84.5, $1,000.

Finals qualifiers: Thurston, Wright, Butner and Fountain

Tie-down roping: 1, Jake Pratt, Ellensburg, Wash., 8.3 seconds, $4,000. 2, Westyn Hughes, Caldwell, Texas, 8.9, $3,000. 3, Marcos Costa, Iretama, Brazil, 9.4, $2,000. 4, Tuf Cooper, Decatur, Texas, 9.6, $1,000.

Finals qualifiers: Pratt, Hughes, Costa and Cooper

Team Roping: 1, Andrew Ward, Edmond, Okla., and Buddy Hawkins II, Stephenville, Texas, 4.8 seconds, $4,000 each. 2, Cody Snow, Los Olivos, Calif., and Wesley Thorp, Throckmorton, Texas, 5.0, $3,000 each. 3, Reno Stoebner, Bastrop, Texas, and Ryan Motes, Weatherford, Texas, 7.0, $2,000 each. 4, Coy Rahlmann, Ellsinore, Mo., and Jonathan Torres, Ocala, Fla., 8.5, $1,000 each.

Semi-finals qualifiers: Ward and Hawkins; Snow and Thorp; Stoebner and Motes; and Rahlmann and Torres

Barrel Racing: 1, Sissy Winn, Corpus Christi, Texas, 16.24, $4,000. 2, Wenda Johnson Pawhuska, Okla., 16.33, $3,000. 3, Hailey Kinsel, Cotulla, Texas, 16.43, $3,000. 4, Shelley Morgan, Eustace, Texas, 16.50, $1,000.

Finals qualifiers: Winn, Johnson, Kinsel and Morgan

Bull Riding: 1, Stetson Wright, Milford, Utah, 91 points on Rafter G Rodeo’s Megalomanic, $4,000. 2, Trey Benton III, Richards, Texas, 86.5, $3,000. 3, Tristen Hutchings, Monteview, Idaho, 86, $2,000. 4, Josh Frost, Randlett, Utah, 85, $1000.

Finals qualifiers: Wright, Benton, Hutchings, Frost and Jack Gilmore, Ironton, Mo.

Grapevine QB Evan Baum accounts for five scores as the Mustangs blitz Azle

Grapevine made its debut in Dave Campbell’s state football poll this week coming in at No. 8 in Class 5A Division 2.The Mustangs proved last week’s drubbing of Frisco Wakeland was no fluke as Grapevine scored on its first five possessions to run away from Azle 58-14 on Thursday night at Mustang-Panther Stadium.The game was shown live on television as part of the High School Football Showdown on CW33.Grapevine quarterback Eva...

Grapevine made its debut in Dave Campbell’s state football poll this week coming in at No. 8 in Class 5A Division 2.

The Mustangs proved last week’s drubbing of Frisco Wakeland was no fluke as Grapevine scored on its first five possessions to run away from Azle 58-14 on Thursday night at Mustang-Panther Stadium.

The game was shown live on television as part of the High School Football Showdown on CW33.

Grapevine quarterback Evan Baum accounted for five scores with three coming through the air and two on the ground. Baum completed 8 of 12 passes for 230 yards and was a perfect 5 of 5 in the second half.

The senior rushed six times for 18 yards, but his only two attempts in the second half resulted in touchdowns of eight and 10 yards. The latter gave the Mustangs a 51-14 lead with 6:56 left in the game.

“We talk about it all the time about being the one-eleventh of the team and having trust in each other and that’s how we get going,” said Baum. “It feels good, but at the end of the day we really don’t care about rankings. We care about our team and how we’re performing.”

After a 30-yard field goal by Hayden Rhoades gave Grapevine (2-0) a 3-0 lead with 8:06 left in the first quarter, it was time for the Mustangs’ defense to shine.

A misplayed kickoff return by Azle (0-2) pinned the Hornets at their own 5-yard line. Azle went three and out, but the ensuing punt was blocked at the goal line by Gray Whitsett who pounced on the ball in the end zone for a quick 10-0 lead.

Azle had a couple of drives in the first half that penetrated deep into Grapevine territory, but both times the drives were halted by lost fumbles.

The first came after an 11-play, 59-yard march at the Grapevine 20. Tristan Sneed jolted the ball loose and Dalton Knapp picked it up and returned it to the Mustangs’ 47.

Five plays later Parker Polk darted 36 yards up the middle to give Grapevine a 17-0 lead with 18 ticks left in the first quarter.

“Our offensive line was just dominating up front,” said Polk, who comes in at No. 82 in the Star-Telegram’s list of the area’s Top 100 players. “At first I was pressing it and it wasn’t there, but then it started popping when our o-line started getting to the right guys.

“That one touchdown I had it was like the Red Sea opening up, it was a huge hole. I just followed my blocks and trusted my line.”

The second came late in the first half after a 10-play, 53 yard drive. A fumble at the Grapevine 1 was covered by Mustang linebacker Latham Wai.

The majority of Baum’s eight completions came to wide open receivers. Baum hit a wide open Hank Miller down the right hash for the 76-yard score to up the lead to 24-0.

On the next series the Mustangs ran the same pass play and got the same result when Polk raced 39 yards for a TD. Baum’s final TD pass came with 7:10 left in the third quarter to Sammy Kelley from 33 yards out to give Grapevine a 38-7 lead.

“Our coaches do a great job of preparing us,” said Baum, who guided Grapevine to 519 yards of total offense. “If we just keep running it and running it then they’re going to bite on that run and we’re going to step up and make that throw. My teammates just did a great job tonight.”

“It’s just a testament to how well we run the ball,” added Polk, who finished with 115 rushing yards on 14 carries. “Being consistent and disciplined in the run game opens up the pass game and when we do pass it then it’s wide open.”

The Mustangs’ defense allowed 89 yards of total offense in the first half and 291 for the game.

Azle ran 70 plays to Grapevine’s 49.

Azle linebacker Drew Dorris, No. 69 in the S-T Top 100 and son of Hornets’ head coach Devon Dorris, made a lot of plays, but he and his Hornet teammates couldn’t solve the Grapevine running game. Hornet wide out Tyler Akers, No. 98 in the Top 100, had six catches for 32 yards.

Grapevine’s Demontrez Dunn had 99 yards rushing on four carries in a mop up role, including breaking free for a 78-yard gain to set up his 3-yard scoring run.

“It was very important to play well after getting into the Top 10, but honestly we try to not look at the rankings,

said Polk. “Our coach tries to keep us focus on just games so we just wanted to come out here and play our best game. We didn’t play our best, we had a lot of penalties, but we’ll get that cleaned up.”

This story was originally published September 1, 2022, 10:20 PM.


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